Create.exe is a stand-alone application used to control an iRobot Create via a Serial or TCP/IP connection.

This application will connect directly to the Create Serial Port via a COM Port or TCP/IP.  It will poll and display sensor data, and allow you send individual commands or send entire scripts to control the Create.  If you don't have a microcontroller on the Create and simply have a bluetooth or other wireless serial connection, then this application will allow you to play with your robot right away.  It also has a map that will use the distance and angle sensor data to display where you are and have been on a 2D grid.

This application was written using Delphi 4.

Create. - the latest and greatest.  As of Create.1.0.1.x, Built-in ActiveX Server so you can use this as a gateway to your Create from any program that can make ActiveX calls.

Documentation is on the Help menu, but very incomplete.

Documentation for the ActiveX Server.

When started, you will be prompted for a Configuration File.  Just skip it the first time, but then go to the Configuration tab and click Save Config to save your ComPort/TCP/IP settings for next time, as well as the video URL.  You can then modify the settings directly in the config file or from the Configuration tab.

Here are some Sample Scripts that you can Copy and Paste to the Send Script tab in Create.exe.

Here is a utility to give you a TCP to Serial Port conduit.
For example, if you have a bluetooth or xbee or some type of COM port on your PC that has access to the Create, but you want to access that COM port remotely via TCP/IP using the Host and Port # feature in Create.exe, you can run this program to allow access to your COM port via TCP/IP.  Just set the Port # and click Listen, then click Open COM to open the COM Port you want a conduit to.  Anything received on the COM port will be sent to all TCP/IP connections, and anything received from any connected TCP/IP client will be sent out the COM port.  You can have as many TCP/IP clients connected to the conduit as you like, allowing multiple remote apps to monitor and control your Create at the same time.

Create.exe Sourcecode:

Here is the Source Code you will need to compile this application using Delphi 4.  The only non-standard Dephi Component that I used is the TComPort component for Serial communications. - Delphi 4 Sourcecode (updated with some missing files 5/9/08) - TComPort component source code.

Even if you don't use Delphi, the souce-code is pretty easy to read and understand.  Just look at CreateMain.pas to see how it's all done.


Create.exe Features:

  • Remotely Control your iRobot Create with any Windows PC.
  • Displays all sensor data with visuals.
  • Display a web page with embedded Video from your Robot's IP Cam.
  • X,Y Coordinate Mapping
  • Click the Map to go to coordinates.
  • Analog Input on the Create can be used as a digital Compass input.
  • Log tag shows the scripts for all commands sent to the Create so you can learn to write your own.
  • Write scripts, save them, send them to the Create to execute them.
  • Auto-Stop when it sees a particular IR byte from an IR Beacon, Docking Station, or Remote Control (not virtual wall).
  • ActiveX Server allows you to write your own programs to command your robot and get feedback without messing with the details of collecting sensor data and formattng the commands..