CMUCam Projects

Get your CMUCam from

Then come here to get some programs to try out some of the cameras features.  Feel free to e-mail me if you need help.

The following Windows Applications are designed to talk directly to the CMUCam via a PC Serial Port.

CMU.exe - Image Capture and Color Tracking.  v1.0.0.2

CMUCam2.exe - Image Capture for the CMUCam2. 

CMUCam2 v1.1.0.9 Features:

  • Capture High Res or Low Res Images on one or all color channels in RGB or CrYCb mode
  • Switch between Color Modes
  • Change Clock Speeds (frame rate)
  • Adjust Contrast and Brightness
  • Enable/Disable Auto Exposure
  • Enable Down Sampling
  • Track a Color (pick color by cliking on a captured image)
  • Track Window
  • Track Frame Differencing
  • Should work with CMUcam4 (not tested though)

v1.1.0.12 adds the following features:

  • Pixel Differencing
  • Virtual Windowing (click and drag the middle-mouse button)
  • Track Masked Differencing
  • Change Differencing Channel
  • Change Noise Filter for Color Tracking
  • Inverted Tracking


Check back periodically for updates or e-mail me to be added to my "mailing list" and I'll let you know when I post updates.

Microcontroller Interface Code:

CMUCamera.spin - CMUCam1 Object for the Parallax Propeller for color tracking and stuff.
CMUCamera_Test.spin - Test App uses CMUCamera.spin.

More to come...