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How To use your iRobot Create:

If you are using the iRobot Command Module with the Create, then you might find something useful on my Command Module PageI started working with this initially but was limited by Memory.  I switched to the Propeller chip because of it's 8 processors and more RAM.  But before I switched I learned a lot so check out this stuff first, no matter what processor you are using.

Here are some YouTube videos of my stuff:
Remote Controller
RFID Reading Wall Follower
Robot Arm following Light using CMUCam
Nerf Elite modified to Auto-Fire using a CMUCam2 (New!)

If you are using the Parallax Propeller chip (my preferred microcontroller), then you may find something useful on my Propeller PageThis is what I am currently using so it should get updated more often.

Some places I use for robot parts...

APSX - RFID Readers and Accessories

Acroname Robotics - lcd, sonar, compass, text-2-speech, IR, other sensors, other robot stuff

Parallax, Inc - robot stuff

Maxstream - data radios XBee - Zigbee

ExpressPCB - fast, cheap, printed circuit boards, free design software, 3-day turnaround

Futurlec - microcontroller modules and developer boards

wulfden - propeller development board and accessories

Element Direct - comonents for the iRobot Create

Modtronix - Ethernet boards with a PIC, handy for interfacing anything to wired Ethernet and monitoring/controlling I/O lines.

Sparkfun Electronics - good stuff, and nice XBee Breakout Boards.

Faces of my Create:

The Newest Member:

Added an Arm and CMUCam to work on finding and picking up some stuff (Video).


I've received my Second Create.  So many ideas, so little time.

Soon to be a more permanent  and full-featured ServerBot, leaving the SensorBot for R&D.


My SensorBot
The robot with all the Stuff.

It has 5 Sonars, 5 Sharp IR Range sensors, 4 PIR sensors, 1 Thermopile Array, 1 CMUCam2, 2 Microphones, Text-to-Speech, XBee Radio, Handles, and an On/Off Switch.  So far.


My ServerBot

Knows its way around the house to help deliver items from room to room as requested.


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