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Math is fun and can be easy for everyone especially if you take the following hints to heart.  One of the best ways to learn anything is to explain it to someone else.  Working in groups is a good way to provide you with this opportunity.  It is a wise idea to start a study group. 


Math is not a spectator sport.  You will need to actively participate, roll up your sleeves and get that pencil moving.   You will also need to move your brain.   Expect to have to think about concepts and problems.  Some of the problems you will encounter will teach you new techniques, like playing scales on an instrument, or running laps around a track.  You might not see the point immediately, but they are strengthening you so everything will come together when it counts.  Think of them as push-ups for the brain and practice them often.  Some problems will require you to think hard and pull concepts together.  Take some time with them, talk about them, take breaks if you are getting frustrated, ask for help if you are stuck, enjoy the process: you are learning. Since you will probably take about six more courses (depending upon your major), which utilize the concepts from this course, it will be especially important to understand what is useful or applicable in a particular context.  This is why understanding the process for solving a particular type of problem is emphasized over memorizing formulas.  In most cases, if you understand the concepts, memorizing a formula becomes completely unnecessary because you construct the necessary tools when needed.