Írmag - Nick Shovlin & VÍZ-KEY band

Írmag (or Víz-key) band was formed in Szentendre (Hungary) from the members of several Irish and ethnic folk music groups 1998. The Scottish singer, Nick Shovlin joined the band in 2003.
Our band plays popular traditional Scottish, Irish and English drinking songs, Scottish and Irish folk and patriotic songs, poems written and set to music by Robert Burns, traditional Irish and Scottish dance tunes and melodies together with other musical arrangements including Hungarian folk music, country & western and other songs from the English speaking world (even some rock music).
We play in pubs and at cultural events and festivals.
We frequently invite our friends (professional and amateur musicians) to take part in our gigs and sessions.

The members of our band are:
Nick Shovlin (vocal, guitar, bodhrán),
Csongor Turáni Mazzag (fiddle, mandolin, banjo),
Dániel Szabó (tin whistle),
Mihály Henkrich
(guitar, Irish bouzouki),
Csaba Sáfrán (acoustic bass guitar, guitar),

Guests (at special events):
Patrick McMullan (vocal, guitar),
István Murányi (Scottish pipes (GHB, smallpipe))
Krisztina Imhof (fiddle, vocals),
Gábor Gyarmati (guitar, Irish bouzouki, bodhrán),
Peter O'Brian
Kevin Madden (fiddle)
and other friends of ours...

With our guest singer Patrick McMullan, we play under the name "Paddy and the Garage Men".

In Hungary we use the name "Írmag".
This name comes from the Hungarian language and it means "the last living son". The word "mag" means
"seed" (or "child"), the old word "ír" means "root" and its meaning is in connection with "developing", "healing". The name "Írmag" refers to the name of Ireland (IRE) and Hungary (MAGyarország) also the word "mag" has a relationship with the Scottish and Irish family name prefixes "Mac/Mc" (son of) and the old Gaelic word "magh" has a meaning: "meadow" or "field" ("mező" or "föld" in Hungarian) where the seed is planted to grow and develop...

Outside of Hungary we use the name "Víz-key" - playing with the words "whiskey" and "víz" ("water" or "fluid" in Hungarian - being similar to the Gaelic word "uisce" and the well known word "whiskey", which is the "water of life" in Scots). We must have the same roots somewhere in our common drinking past... (just like in history: Queen Margaret of Scotland was born in Hungary descended from the blood of St. Stephen and the Scots beleive (as can be read in the Declaration of Arbroath) that they are the descendants of the Scythians just like the Hungarians)...


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