irk magazine is a handmade ‘mini-mag in a bag’, with a limited production run of 100, featuring words and pictures. We encourage work from unknowns, unpublished writers, non-artists and chancers.

Call for submissions.
irk’s next edition of the magazine is going to be a ‘goody bag’
In past editions irk magazine has featured ‘multiples’ and ‘inserts’ by artists. For the goody bag edition we are asking only for multiples so that the magazine is in fact a collection of items, multiples made by contributing artists.

Previous inserts have included 100 pressed flowers, 100 haikus printed on stickers, 100 sandcastle flags,100 words in envelopes to describe Christmas.

There doesn’t have to be 100 completely different things in the hundred. For example there were 15 different haikus, 8 different designs on the sandcastle flags, and 50 different christmas words.

The artist would however have to be capable of providing us with 100 of them, one for each copy.

Please send us an example in the post. If there are going to be fifteen variations in the multiple, for example, we need to see all 15.

The size limit is10cm tall x14cm wide, as an absolute maximum. We will consider items that are not completely flat if they adhere to these dimensions, bearing in mind the total amount of multiples we decide to use must all fit in a bag 14cm x12cm. Therefore the smaller the better.

Deadline for submissions is Monday 3rd March, so please post examples by Friday 29th February to reach us on time.

Post to: 

PO Box 648

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