Department of International Relations, Central University of Kerala, Trivandrum Centre

IRKnowledgeBase is a web based Knowledge Management platform to  collect, organize, conserve and disseminate using ICTs content required for teaching, learning and research in subject areas mandatory to the Department of International Relations (DIR), CUK. The objective of the project is to improve the accessibility of published research to the faculty and students of the DIR in various campuses of the CUK.

IRKnowledgeBase uses an unique participative method for development and maintenance  which enables the stack holders to fully involve in decision making on content update and relevancy and sustenance. The resources of the System is  accessible, online worldwide 24 hrs-365 days. 

The subject areas covered by the IRKnowledgeBase will be International Relations, Foreign Policy, Politics, WTO, Globalization, Information Infrastructure, Information Superhighway, Political Informatics, Diaspora, Policy Sciences, Participatory Politics, Environment, Global Warming, Planning, Cultural Currency, Cultural Equity, Content Creation, Knowledge Dissemination, Knowledge Management, Database Design, Public Policy, Community Development, Local Administration, Participative Development and related fields.