We are a nonprofit group that promotes and educates the public
about iris.  We maintain an iris garden at Fort Missoula, have iris shows, and sell iris rhizomes to raise funds for the upkeep of the garden and the promotion of iris.

Hello New Members-

Welcome to the Missoula Iris Society (MIS). We hope you will join us in our activities this year.

The iris society has been around Missoula since the mid 1950's and we think we've aged well. Our public iris display garden at Fort Missoula is our main year round project. The garden was created in 1981 by a handful of members; we celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2006 with a rededication, renovation plan and a published history booklet.

Our group meets on the first Saturday of each month, unless a holiday falls on that weekend. We do not meet in August and September. We're a sociable group, so we enjoy meeting at members' homes or in Bldg T-1 at Fort Missoula, starting at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck supper. Our business meeting follows, lasting about 30 minutes, and is often followed by a gardening program of some type. It's a relaxed atmosphere and you are welcome to come for a "trial" visit the first time to see if you would like to join us.

As a paid member, you will receive our newsletter each month, about a week or so prior to the next meeting. If you have an e mail, we will send you a notice that the newsletter is now available on our website so you can download and print it. Otherwise we'll mail the newsletter by "snail mail".

Our dues are only $10.00 per year and run from January to December 31. When you join, you will also receive a printed membership list with phone numbers, a packet of iris information and a free copy of our historical booklet, "Fifty years of iris growing, 25 years of iris showing", which we published in 2006.

We do hope you will attend our once a month meeting get-togethers, because we have a lot of fun and the food is great. We think you will enjoy making new gardening friends. We also hope you will enjoy participation in our major events during the summer, a median iris show in late May, the standard iris show at the mall in June, and our major fund raising event, which is the rhizome sale on the last Saturday of July. We support the public iris display garden at Fort Missoula with our fund raising, and we have several fun work parties during the season to maintain our public gardens.

Membership, Donna Dowell 542 1945 or Ed at myiriswebpage@gmail.com