Ordering, Shipping, & Payment Instructions

Updated October 1, 2015
Below is a list of books that I am offering for sale.  All of the books are related to my miniatures gaming/history/science fiction hobby interests, with only one copy of each available.  The list will be updated regularly to remove sold items.  Topics are listed cronologically (more or less) from most recent to oldest.  Books covering general topics are listed first under historical/military.  Under each sub-topic, I will try to list the titles alphabetically by author. 
The vast majority of books are in pretty good condition, but qualifying condition is a subjective thing.   I will try to note condition in each entry, but please feel free to ask any questions that you might have.
Books will be identified as one of the following:
Periodical - Not really a book, softcover such as a magizine or journal.
Paperback - Softcover, usually on low grade paper, measuring about 4"x7" 
Trade paperback - similar to above, but larger format, approximately 5.5"x8.5"
Softcover - Has a soft cover, varying size, usually with much better paper stock than "paperbacks," and Trade paperbacks".
Hardback - just what it says, a book with a rigid cover.
To order, please send an email with "Book Order" in the subject line to me at: irishserb@yahoo.com.  Please include a list of the books that you wish to purchase, and your shipping address, or at least your zip code or nation if located outside the US.  I cannot calculate shipping if I don't know  where you are located.  I will respond as quickly as possible, confirming available titles and the total cost including shipping.
Payment can be made via Paypal or US postal money order. When I confirm the total price with shipping, I will send a Paypal payment request to your e-mail address.  If your Paypal address is different from the e-mail that you use to correspond, please include the correct paypal address in your order e-mail. Money orders can be sent to me at:
Brian O'Leary
184 N. Union St.
Delaware, OH 43015

I am located in the US, and will ship to US addresses via USPS Media Rate (1 pound starts as $2.72).  I am happy to ship to addresses outside the US, but  the typical hardback at about a pound will cost $17.95 USD or more to ship to the UK and most of western Europe.    I will usually ship 1-2 times per week.  Orders are shipped in reinforced bubble mailers, corrugated wraps or cardboard boxes depending on the size the order.  Note that for most books, I have listed an approximate weight for your reference (not including packaging).

 If you discover this page through an online forum, please send all inquiries and orders to my e-mail address, not the messaging system on the forum.   If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at: irishserb@yahoo.com.
 Thank you,
Brian O'Leary
General/ Multiple Historical Periods
Dwight D. Eisenhower - A Gauge of Greatness, by Relman Morin, 1969, 255 pages, hardback in very good condition.  A biogragraphy of Eisenhower with many b&w photos. $3.00

Cold War

 World War II

American Civil War

Diaries, Letters, and Recollections of the War Between the States, Vol. 3, 1992, 142 pages, trade paperback in new condition.  .5 pounds  $10.00

Echos of Glory, 1998, a boxed three volume set from Time/Life books including:
Echos of Glory: Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War, 320 pages, hardcover. loaded with multi-color maps and illustrations and b&w photos of Civil War battles.
Echos of Glory: Arms & Equipment of the Confederacy, 312 pages loaded with text and color photos of weapons, uniforms, equipment, flags, wagon, cannons, etc. 
Echos of Glory: Arms & Equipment of the Union, 317 pages loaded with text and color photos of weapons, uniforms, equipment, flags, wagon, cannons, etc. 
These books provide an incredible single source of information about uniforms and equipment and excellent painting guides for figure painters.  In excellent condition. 8 pounds  $24.00

The New York Times Book of the Civil War, 1980, 309 pages, hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.  Reprints of New York Times articles following the progress of the war with many b&w photos.  3 pounds  $10.00

Arms and Equipment of the Civil War by Jack Coggins, 1990, 160 pages, softcover in excellent condition, loaded with exceptional illustrations of equipment and weapons, including balloons, locomotives, aerial views of field fortifications, and many illustrations of naval vessels. 1 pound  $ 9.00

The Compact History of the Civil War by R. Ernest Dupuy and Trevor N. Dupuy, 1961, 445 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, a little wear to dj, overall in very good condition, many b&w maps.  1.75 pounds   $3.00

The Phil Sheridan Album by Lawrence A. Frost, 1968 1st edition, 178 pages, hardcover in very condition. A Sheridan biography loaded with b&w photos .  1.75 pounds  $20.00

The Civil War by Robert Paul Jordan (National Geographic Society), 1975, 215 pages, hardback with dust jacket.  The dj has several small rips at the top bottom or corners, with a tear running about an inch up the spine and then extending an inch or two on the front and back.  the book is otherwise in very good condition.  Loaded with color and b&w photos and illustrations, includes a Nt.Geo. map of the Civil War.  1.75 pounds  $3.00

Standing Ground: The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley by the Northern Virginia Daily, 1996, 1st edition, 217 pages, softcover in new condition, many b&w photos and illustrations.  .75  $3.00

Cannons: An Introduction to Civil War Artillery by Dean S. Thomas, 1986, 72 pages, softcover in very good condition, loaded with b&w photos, illustrations data and technical specifications of ACW artillery.  .5 pounds  $4.50

19th Century

18th Century

Marshal of France: The Life and Times of Maurice, Comte De Saxe by Jon Manchip White, 1962, 299 page, hardcover, no dust jacket, the cover and spine have significant discoloring (much more dramatic than what the photo shows, the camera won't pick it up for some reason), but the book is structurally sound, few b&w illustrations and maps.  2 pounds  $12.00


Dark Age/Medieval

How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill, 1996, 246 pages, trade paperback in excellent condition.  .5 pounds  $2.00

Seven Decisive Battles of the Middle Ages by Joseph Dahmus, 1983, 243 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, some wear to dj, very good overall, few maps.  1 pound  $4.00

Medieval Households by David Herlihy, 1985, 227 pages, trade paperback with very light cover wear.  .75 pounds  $5.00

The Fighting Monks by Richard Horchler, 1961, 111 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, dj has notable wear and several tears (two missing pieces) along the top, book is structurally sound and very good otherwise.  Many b&w illustrations (most with a blue-green hue).   1 pound  $3.00

Medieval Europe by Maurice Keen, 1968, 349 pages, paperback in very good shape.  .5 pounds  $2.00

Life in Medieval Times by Marjorie Rowling, 1979, 227 pages, trade paperback in excellent condition.  Some b&w photos and illustrations.  .5 pounds  $3.00

Arthurian Legend and Historical

The Discovery of King Arthur by Geoffrey Ashe, 1985, 224 pages, trade paperback in very good condition.  Some b&w photos and maps.  1 pound  $2.50

The Quest for Arthur's Britain by Geoffrey Ashe, 1987, 238 pages, trade paperback in excellent condition.  Some b&w photos, illustrations, plan views, and maps.   1 pound   $3.00 

The Arthurian Legends: An Illustrated Anthology by Richard Barber, 1979, 224 pages, hardback with dust jacket.  The dj has a little wear mostly along the top of the book.  Some b&w and color photos and illustrations.  2 pounds  $5.00

King Arthur, Hero and Legend by Richard Barber, 1986, 209 pages, hardcover with dust jacket in very good condition.  Some b&w and few color photos and illustrations.  1.5 pounds  $3.00

Roman Britain
Rome Against Caratacus by Graham Webster, 1982, 181 pages, Hardback with dust jacket w/light surface wear. A history of the Roman campaigns in Britain 48-58AD.  Some maps, plan views, line drawings, and few b&w photos.  1 pound  $9.00

The Roman Invasion of Britain by Graham Webster, 1980, 224, 1st edition, Hardback with dust jacket w/light wear to dj. Some maps and b&w illustrations, few b&w photos.  1 pound  $5.00

Celtic and Druidic History

The Druids by Stuart Piggott, 1991, 214 pages, softcover with light shelf wear.  Filled with b&w photos and illustrations, and some color photos.  1.5 pounds  $5.00

The Celts by TGE Powell, 1989, 232 pages, softcover with light shelf wear.  Many b&w photos and illustrations, and some color photos.  1.5 pounds  $5.00

Celtic Lore by Ward Rutherford, 1993, 224 pages, in very good condition.  The history of druids and their timeless traditions.  .5 pounds  $3.00


Roman Architecture by Frank Sear, 1989, 288 pages, softcover with a little cover wear, but still in pretty good condition. Many (183 illustrations) b&w photos, plan views, reconstructions and section views.  1.6 pounds  $5.00

The Roman Empire 27BC-AD476: A Study in Survival by Chester G Starr, 1982, 206 pages.  Trade paperback in very good condition.  .5 pounds  $2.00


The Man in the Ice by Konrad Spindler, 1994, 305 pages, trade paperback in excellent condition.  Investigation of the 5300 year old frozen man found in the Austrian-Italian Alps.  Some b&w and color photos.  1 pound  $4.00

Dartmoor by Sandy Gerrard, 1997, 126 pages, soft cover in excellent condition, many b&w photos, plan views, maps, illustrations, and a few color photos.  A study of bronze age settlements in Devon.  1 pound  $8.00

Beyond Stonehenge by Gerald S Hawkins, 1973, 319 pages, hardcover, no dust jacket, wear to corners of cover, good to very good, many b&w photos, illustrations, and plan view.  In addition to interesting text, found this to be inspiring more for fantasy game structures.  2 pounds  $2.00

Myth and Legend

  A Dictionary of Irish Mythology by Peter Berresford Ellis, 1992, 240 pages, trade paperback in excellent condition.  .5 pounds  $2.00

A Celtic Reader by John Matthews, 1991, 314 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, very light wear on dj, overall excellent condition. Selections from Celtic legend, scholarship, and story with few b&w illustrations.  1.25 pounds  $5.00

Celtic Myths and Legends by TL Rolleston, 1990, 457 pages, softcover in excellent condition, contain 76 b&w illustrations.  1.25 pounds  $5.00