Irish Rubberman Challenge Sat 17th Aug 2019

Are you ready....! RMC 2019

You thought you were safe from the pushing and prodding to get out and get training....not so....2010 saw a change to the RMC, it is now a biennial event with 2018 being a rest year, so just like you, we are ready for the "craic" that is the Irish Rubberman Challenge.

Please contact James Bodels 087 2317 517 or Tony Redmond 086 3820 152 if you are intending to participate and raise money for a great cause.

This will be the 15th time we have ran this event with the principle beneficiary being Cystic Fibrosis, and again we have a PWCF (person with cystic fibrosis) participating in the event. Chris Bodels 23yrs old has CF and was extremely happy and proud that he was able to complete the event last time without the aid of electric bikes or Segways (some would have seen him "cheating" in previous years).

So if he can do it so can you...! That's your challenge..

This years recipients of the money raised are CF Ireland and the Gavin Glynn Fundation

Many thanks to everyone involved.

The first Rubberman Challenge - circa: 2001

Most recent Rubberman Challenge - circa: 2017