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Balticon Blood Drive

 Another Robert Heinlein  "Pay It Forward"  Blood Drive
Is Already Scheduled for BaltiCon 46!
Sunday, 27 May 2012 
Hunt Valley Marriott
10:00 a.m.  to  4:00 p.m.
 Register at the Heinlein Society fan table at the top of the escalators.
Pre-register on Saturday  or  walk up and register on Sunday.
~~ or ~~
Watch this page for on-line pre-registration a little closer to the Big Day!

Thirty-six years ago at MidAmericon in Kansas City, Robert Heinlein gathered together a group of other writers and fans and did something unprecedented.  Not that the unprecedented was anything new for him, but in 1976, at the 34th annual World Science Fiction Convention, Robert organized the first ever SF convention blood drive.

Robert found enthusiastic support for blood donation in SF fandom.  Three separate organizations dedicated to improving the blood supply – Science Fiction Volunteer Blood Donors International, SFWA Blood Club, and Future Donors of America (Canada & U.S.A.) – were formed at that very convention.  Within 5 months they had already held six blood drives and had seven more scheduled.

Robert himself did, on several occasions, require the blood of others to survive.  He was forever grateful to those individuals who saved his life through the selfless act of donating blood.  In a MidAmericon progress report, he said:  "I would not be there, I would be seven years dead, had not five strangers given blood to save a stranger – and thereby saved my life.  I don’t know their names, they don’t know mine.  So every volunteer donor is my blood brother or sister, whom I want to know and appreciate."

Heinlein also led by example, personally donating blood as often as he was able.  Having a rare blood type himself (AB+), he was a supporter of the National Rare Blood Club, a forerunner of the American Rare Donor Program [ARDP] database which is maintained by the American Red Cross – and an integral part of his 1970 novel I Will Fear No Evil.  This was just one of the ways in which he practiced his philosophy of "paying it forward" to future generations.

So, join us at Balticon's 9th annual blood drive.  Honor Robert's memory, honor Balticon, honor yourself, save a life or three, and --

"Pay It Forward " once again!

Download a flyer and come prepared to bleed !!
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