We are a "locovore's delight!" We build our food from only fresh, natural components and acquire most of our ingredients from hometown sources. Produce from Findlay Market, ice cream from Aglamesis and baked goods from right across the street at Shadeau Bread make for a treat that is uniquely Cincinnati! We also offer tempting homemade pastries featuring a rotating variety of scrumptious fruits and nuts. Vegan choices (including pastries and beverages) are always available.

SANDWICHES –made to order on Shadeau multi-grain bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of chips or carrots

Chicken Salad: $5.95

Egg Salad: $4.95

Turkey and Cheese*: $6.95

Salami and Cheese*: $4.95

Salmon and Avocado: $8.95

Turkey and Avocado: $6.95

Vegetarian: $4.95 (hummus and your choice of tomatoes, mixed baby greens, alfalfa sprouts, mushrooms, bell peppers, black olives, banana peppers, avocado [.50 extra])

Tempeh Salad: $6.95

*choice of provolone, aged provolone, lorrain swiss (add cheese to any menu item for an additional .55)

Edamame Salad: $5.95

Vegetarian Strada: $5.95 (served with fresh fruit)

Sausage Strada: $5.95 (served with fresh fruit)

Please ask for our daily selection of SOUPS from Myra’s

Cup: $2.50

Bowl: $3.95

SMOOTHIES (16oz) $4.50

CREAMIES (16oz) $4.50

COFFEE Roasted in Over-the-Rhine by Coffee Emporium. We offer full esspresso service as well as iced coffee and iced tea.

ESSENCHA TEAS: $2.75 (hot or iced)

Kukicha–Green Tea

Moroccan Mint–Green Tea/flavored

Spiced Nuts–Rooibos

Li Li Xiang–Oolong

Irish Breakfast–Black Tea

Cinnamon Orange Spice–Black Tea/flavored


White Peony (Organic)–White Tea

Jasmine Bloom($4.50)–White/scented

AGLAMESIS ICE CREAMS AND ICES made the sincere way since 1908

1 scoop: $2.25

2 scoops: $3.40

3 scoops: $4.95

Simple Sundae: $3.40

Fancy Sundae: $3.95

Extras: .50 each


Moosewood Brownies: $1.50

Ghirardelli Gooey Toll House Bars: $1.50

Blueberry Oatmeal Whole Wheat Bars: $1.50

Whole Wheat Scones: $2.00