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Site last updated: October 2017

I am currently a lecturer at the Institute for History in Leiden University.  My research principally involves 1) a comparative analysis of how migration has affected Irish society since 1922, 2) an analysis of Australia and Italy's response to boat people since 1989 - see book below, and 3) migration trends from 'peripheral' European countries since 1945. I am a member of the Transnational Ireland research network and I acted as the Ireland correspondent for the 'Interact' Project on the integration of non-EU immigrants in the EU. I am one of the editors of the new Journal of Migration History (Brill) and I co-founded and coordinate the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (see the LIMS schedule here).

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Before starting a Marie Curie fellowship at Leiden in 2014, I was a post-doc researcher in the Department of Geography and the ISS21 in University College Cork for the EMIGRE project, which examined contemporary Irish emigration. I also taught a number of courses at University College Dublin. My principal interests are migration, memory and sports history.   
On this site you can find out about my past workmy current and future research projects and some of the courses I have taught in the past.

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