irfu-matlab is a package of matlab routines for space scientists working with data from different space missions.
irfu-matlab includes different parts:
  • General plasma physics: estimates of different plasma parameters, plasma wave dispersion relations, plasma wave visualization
  • General time series analysis routines: minimum variance, Hofmann-Teller, Walén analysis,...
  • Multi-spacecraft analysis methods: gradient methods (e.g. curlometer), timing
  • Data reading supports: Cluster Active Archive, OMNI, cdf
  • Plotting routines: time series, spectrograms, spacecraft location, (publishing quality figures!)


All examples can be reconstructed directly after installing irfu-matlab and running the corresponding

It is also possible to run through a quick demonstration of irfu-matlab by simply running irf('demo')

Plasma physics

Cold plasma dispersion relation
Dispersion surfaces can be plotted for different plasma parameters and colored depending on polarization, E/B, ellipticity...
Plasma wave movies
Example shows shear Alfvén wave propagating at 45 degree angle. More examples 

Cluster satellites

Cluster location
Location can be shown in different formats - 2D, 3D, relative/absolute.
Cluster separation during mission [Example_Cluster_separation]
Distance between two Cluster spacecraft is shown using the colors of both spacecraft