The goal of image restoration and enhancement is to improve the image quality from its distorted or original version. It is a fundamental problem in computer vision and has become a increasingly active research area recently with plenty of related papers published every year in vision and graphics society. There is a broad range of applications in consumer electronics, automotive, aerial photography and medical imagery. Especially along with the prosperity of mobile devices and wearable devices, emerging findings in the topic have great potential impact to the applications.

This workshop aims to provide a yearly summary of state-of-the-art image restoration and enhancement algorithms and frameworks. Moreover it could offer an interactive opportunity for researchers to discuss interesting problems and explore potential collaborations.

Papers addressing various aspects of image restoration and enhancement are invited. Possible topics include, but not limited to:

  • Image inpainting
  • Image/video deblurring
  • Image denoising
  • Image upsampling and super-resolution
  • Image filtering
  • Image dehazing
  • Demosaicing
  • Image enhancement: brightening, color adjustment, sharpening, etc.
  • Image-quality assessment


The submission date has been extended to Sep 8th.