IRENE POOLE, Deep Tissue Massage, Zero Balancing, Reflexology

About me and my work:

I entered massage school in 1994, over 20 years ago, graduating from the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1996.  I had discovered much relief, personally, from receiving massage, and wanted to share this healing gift with others.  I specialize in working with people who suffer from chronic pain, soft-tissue injuries, sports-related injuries and complications, and more.

After completing my training at the Muscular Therapy Institute, I spent a year completing the "Benjamin Advanced Training" in injury evaluation and treatment; I received that certification in December 1996.  I have also studied Myofascial Release, Aston Therapeutics, Reiki, Touch for Health, Reflexology, and became a certified Zero Balancer in 2008.

Because I have been a life-long athlete, I know from personal experience the aches and pains active people endure.  I also know from personal experience how challenging it is to work with one's hands for a living, and how critical receiving regular bodywork is.   

In recent years my interest has shifted to include more energy work in my sessions:  Zero Balancing effectively integrates the body's energy with its structure.    Much more information about this powerful healing modality is available on the ZB website:  The physician who encouraged me to get my first massage, thereby unknowingly launching me on my future career-path, and from whom I first experienced truly holistic health care, has this to say about Zero Balancing:

“Zero Balancing promotes quieting and centering of the body/mind, much as meditation might do for the skilled meditator. With the blending of Eastern wisdom with Western science, this process not only helps to relieve physical and mental pain, but also helps to improve the effectiveness, quality and joy of daily life.” -- Glenn Rothfeld, M.D., M.Ac.

Since coming to Vermont in 1997, I have moved from working at the SomaWork Wellness Center, to starting the Middlebury Holistic Health Center in 1999, and finally settled into private practice in 2007.   My office (Star Mill Holistic Therapies) is in downtown Middlebury in the historic Star Mill.  I offer my clients the option of deep-tissue massage (which often includes injury work), Zero Balancing, or Reflexology, and often a combination of these treatments.  The ultimate goal of my work is to balance, heal, and integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Fee: $90 per hour

Appointments available Monday through Friday.

No walk-in appointments are available.

Contact information and office location:

e-mail:  vermontpoole at gmail dot com

telephone:  802-989-5563

office location:  Star Mill Holistic Therapies, 2 Mill Street, Suite 5, Middlebury, Vermont