About me

My academic career started with a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Granada, where I also graduated from the Linguistics Master program, with a master thesis on metaphor and Relevance Theory. I finished my Ph.D. in the University of Almería. My dissertation was on measures of Syntactic Development in adolescents and what social factors influence it. 

Awarded with a MEC/Fullbright scholarship, I spent the first year of it at the University of León, working with Professor and Language Academic Salvador Gutiérrez Ordóñez on Functional Syntax of Spanish complex sentences, and in particular relative clauses. I spent the second year working in the Linguistics Department at UCSB (University of California, Santa Barbara), with Professor Sandra Thompson. My research focused on resumptive pronouns in Spanish relative clauses in conversation, along the lines of  Functional Discourse Grammar. Recently, I have started a project on very young children's embodiment of action as a communicative tool. 

I have taught Advanced Spanish Syntax, Sociolinguistics, History of Linguistics, Spanish (all levels), Advanced Grammar and Composition in Spanish, Conversational Spanish, Spanish Phonology and Phonetics, Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish in the USA, and Spanish for Heritage Speakers.

I have worked at University of Almería, University of León, University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara City College and Westmont College.  Currently I am an Assistant Spanish Linguistics Professor at University of Wyoming.