What to pitch

Here is the place where you can post your idea (or ideas). If you need some inspiration, head on over to #irelibcamp13 or the #uklibcamp13 for more information. You'll see that ideas range from the more technical aspects to the softer skills within the profession. But whatever is pitched or whatever the idea - it all counts!

Librarianship is a very broad field so post about what is relevant to YOU right now. You'll be informally hosting or co-hosting the discussion on what you pitch - so bring along a few notes about what aspects you'd like to discuss.


We librarians, we know the Internet. Not all of it, true, but enough to know that it would not be wise to open up the wiki to everyone. Librarians are lovely, trolls are not.

So if you want to post a pitch - it's very simple - send an email with your pitch outline to laicareerdevelopment@gmail.com

We'll then post up your pitch to the wiki - we're keeping it very simple for you.


Libraries, Academics and Museums: Collaboration in the Digital Age.

Librarians tend to be good at collaborating. Yet very often, academic library resources stay 'hidden' from prospective users, often for the lack of effective collaboration with constituencies outside the library. This session will talk about strategies to promote specific resources to the right constituencies. It will use one case study: the Clarke Stained Glass Studios digitisation project, based in the Digital Resources and Imaging Services department in Trinity College Library, a project funded by the DIgital Repository of Ireland [which is itself and intrinsically collaborative organisation]. The Clarke Studios project is reaching out to prospective users within TCD and outside, in order to ensure that the digital materials created by the project are known and used by researchers and others with an interest in this field. This session will invite participants to contribute their own ideas about library collaboration and how some of the strategies discussed can apply to other library settings or other library-based projects.

For examples of the digital materials created by this project, go to http://digitalcollections.tcd.ie and type 'Clarke Studios' into the search box.

Pitched by Marta Bustillo.


Beyond the library: Embedded? Entrenched? Do we need new vocabulary for an evolving breed of information professional?


The information profession is evolving and moving out of the library setting. For many information professionals who work in corporate or special libraries the day to day work of delivering information services is done away from a library setting and is more related to a specific skill set than a physical environment.

Are you one of an increasing number of information professionals whose work doesn't necessarily need a library? Ever feel like the models and descriptions of the role of librarian don't really fit for your environment? You might be an embedded librarian, an information or knowledge manager or maybe something else. Do we need a new set of titles more descriptive of what we do and if we are evolving new skills where are we going and how do we maintain control over the direction we take, what we take with us and what we leave behind.

This pitch will be a 'knowledge cafe' style discussion on these issues and will focus on;

  • The concept of 'Embedded' librarianship and its limits
  • Ideas for new models of information provision
  • Emerging areas where the information professional skill set can and is being applied (web content management, information architecture, data management)
  • What are we evolving into based on our current most sought after skills
  • What might we need to leave behind as we develop in new directions

Pitched by Laura Rooney-Ferris.


Information Professionals and the jobs market.

As this is a joint unconference between the Career Development Group of the LAI as well as the Academic & Special Libraries Section AND I am a recently qualified librarian, it feels appropriate for me to pitch a session to discuss the challenges for librarians in the current job market.

This session is aimed at other new professionals - where we share job hunting tips, ideas for non-traditional roles, what has worked (and not worked) for us while searching for that elusive job.

I hope that existing professionals will also share their experience with us - what they look for on a CV, what worked for them in the past, suggestions for useful CPD courses.

Job hunting can feel exhausting (and lonely) at times. I hope that this session will spark a lively debate and that people will come away with some new ideas, and maybe a renewed vigour for finding that perfect job for them.

Pitched by Jenny O'Neill.


Copyright and Librarians

According to Carol C. Henderson, former Executive Director Washington Office, American Library Association, in her article entitled Libraries as Creatures of Copyright: Why Librarians Care about Intellectual Property Law and Policy "Libraries are creatures of the historical and statutory balance in copyright law". Henderson also makes the point that "Libraries are often the only entities that provide access to the vast majority of copyrighted works that lose market vitality long before the expiration of the copyright."

This pitch will pose questions such as:

  • Does the Copyright and Related Acts 2000 adequately address the needs of today's information professional and enable him/her in turn to meet the needs of the information users which he/she helps?
  • Is there a difference between copyright and intellectual property?
  • How is born digital material copyrighted?
  • Is adequate training on copyright law provided for information professionals?
Pitched by Betty Maguire.


Why join the Library Association?

Times are hard, money is tight, why join the Library Association?

What are the benefits? Does anyone else care? Will it make a difference?

These are all good questions. I have some answers but I need more - hence this pitch?

I hope to promote debate amongst members and non-members alike - about the reasons they choose to join the Association or not.

All contributions will be considered for the webpage at http://libraryassociation.ie/membership/why-join

So come along, participate and get your ideas noted.

Pitched by Philip Cohen.


Information at point of need.

Librarians have always been in the business of delivering current awareness services to their users - journal circulation lists, table of contents updates, emails, texts, newsletters, listservs, RSS feeds, Tweets, blog posts etc, etc. With the rapid and ongoing changes in technology how do librarians themselves keep-up-to-date and how do they keep their users well informed.

Come along for a discussion on ways of managing your information overload and keeping your users on their toes.

Pitched by Ann O'Sullivan and Erin O'Mahony.


Creating a social media content 'bible' for your organisation/library.

Congratulations! You are an Information Professional starting in a new position with a company/organisation. Your new employers are delighted to have someone with such a broad range of skills taking care of their information needs. Your first task is to manage their online reputation through the use of their social media platforms. Don't worry. They already have a social media policy which covers any legal and employee requirements and they have identified a core group of staff who are willing to use social media as part of their work.

Your mission is to
  1. Create a consistent online voice
  2. Empower your staff
  3. Gain organisation buy-in for social media use

Let us begin!

Pitched by Roy Murray.