13th International Tango Festival - 2015 The Guests

13th International Tango Festival in Ireland
Dublin, 20th-23rd of August 2015

The Bollywood Extravaganza edition
tango festival ireland
This year we would like to 'spice thing up' (literally!) at the Festival..  What better way to do that than by bringing to you the vibrant, colorful, joyful, energetic party experience of Bollywood! And of course, the best of Tango dance and music!
..This promises to be a hot tango summer event!

                                                      Our Guests

The International Tango guests:
Leandro Furlan & Gaia Pisauro

Yes! They are back :) You loved them last year and their workshops were sold out .. all credit to these wonderful teachers and their incredible passion and dedication. We are so happy to have them back!

Leandro and Gaia work as show dancers, teachers and  Tangos DJs all around Europe. Gaia and Leandro' s style is dynamic and fluid and seamlessly merges elements of traditional and modern tango. Improvisations and spontaneity are clear features of their dancing. They divide their classes into two parts, beginning with a focus on technical elements followed by work on dynamics and musicality. Sequences are used as examples to lead the class to a more in depth understanding of the theme. Their teaching unites precision and sensitivity and special attention is given to the connection between the two partners.

Gaia has studied classical and modern dance. She discovered the Tango Argentino in 1998. Since then she has travelled numerous times to Buenos Aires, where she subsequently met Leandro with whom she has been performing and teaching all around Europe. Leandro grew up in Buenos Aires where he studied tango with the  greatest masters. He started teaching tango in La Plata-BsAs and later decided to move to Europe. 

Leandro and Gaia will perform and teach workshops at the Festival

website: www.leandroygaia.com/home/home.html

Videos: 1, 2, 3

The Resident Tango Teachers:
Simona & Leslie
(Italy & Ireland)

Well known in the Irish tango scene, teachers Simona and Leslie are two of a kind!
Simona, an adopted Dub tanguera, and Leslie, an adopted Kerry tango man, can often be spotted dancing together with so much energy and vitality that you wonder how the dance floor does not catch fire! 
Verve and enthusiasm infuses their dancing style and they would love to share both with you all at the Festival.

www.tangofever.net      www.facebookcom/tangofever

Simona & Leslie will teach a milonga class and perform at the Festival

Video (log into Facebook to view)

The Bollywood dance teachers:
Neha & Dharmendra (India)
Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dance trends at the moment! The dance is a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some modern dance. Rhythm, energy, and expressive movements make this dance the most fun experience.. (check out some moves here)

Neha has passion for dance since she was 5 years old. She studied at Shiamak Davar's Dance Institute and The Ricky's Dance Beat, New Delhi. Neha is a dance and choreographer and has been involved in Teaching Bollywood dance & Fitness since 2004 in New Delhi, until she moved to Ireland in June 2010 where she teaches regularly.
Dharmendra Ojha has trained extensively in Bollywood and western dance disciplines, both in India and abroad. He masters Folk, Bollywood Free Style as well as Hip-Hop, Break Dance and Salsa dance techniques, both in Indian and western disciplines. Dharmendra and Neha regularly teach and choreograph in India and Ireland.

Neha and Dharmendra will perform and teach a workshop at the Festival

Info: www.bollywoodjalwa.ie

Click here to view the full Festival Programme

The Festival is directed by: Simona Zaino 
Festival Team 2015: Susana Serrano, Monika Navickaite, Marta Gonzalez, Luis Pereira
Resident DJs: Johan & Judith
Set designer: Linda Capita
Photographer: Nadia Gativa
Scent consultant: Julie Pone

The International Tango Festival in Ireland in on www.milmilongas.com