About Us

What We Stand For

Our business and family-oriented restoration and cleaning company proudly serves Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs. We do so with a deep, professional commitment to our work and a personal dedication to the people we help every day.

We believe in building long-term relationships throughout the community by earning our clients’ trust and loyalty. Truly caring for our customers and our team members is an affirmation of our sense of responsibility to those around us. Very few businesses are in our position to support people when they need it the most. We’re grateful that we can respond with services that make a positive, lasting difference.

Here at Ireland Restoration Services, we stand for and by our Act of Kindness policy. Our goal is to help employees create a better work environment by engaging in kind actions with our clients and other members of the public. By performing kind acts for others we increase motivation and productivity among work groups as well as company loyalty when it is part of the work culture. These acts also help lower stress levels and improvement of overall mental health.

We want our clients to experience our human and compassionate side and honest practices. Keeping in mind the following when performing an act of kindness:

Be sincere.

Give a reason to share.

Don’t be predictable.

Consider the future.

Who We Are

Our teams work shoulder to shoulder on some of the toughest assignments imaginable. We enjoy the support that comes from sharing goals, and we celebrate the value of a job well done. Our professional pride shows in all that we do, and our personal commitment to serving the Indianapolis community makes us a united family.

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We balance our commitment to hard work with a very real involvement in the communities that we serve every day. We’re proud of our sterling reputation with property owners throughout the area, and we earn that standing by consistently delivering our very best professional services and personal client care.

Ireland Restoration Services provides emergency response capabilities across all of Indianapolis and the suburbs. Our highly trained staff answers calls 24/7, and our certified technicians are on the scene immediately.