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You -seriously- don't want to start a tickle-war with us...

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... Upon entering #Taurs you are presented with a soft, clean-cut entryway. To the left is a small rack housing delicate glass phials of purple liquid. The scrolling blue LED sign advises of the usage of said phials... that tauric form can be obtained by either drinking or wearing a phial, and that using more than one is not recommended!

The entry-way opens out into a large open-plan area. Thick deep-pile purple carpet warms weary paw-pads. The majority of the room is filled with taurform sized beanbags, large enough to accomodate 2 - 3 bodies comfortably. The dark walls depict furry artwork and animations on various plasma displays, and a chill-out music channel plays in the background. Mood lighting flows around the ceilings perimeter and the scent of nag champa wafts on the air.

A bar is located to one side and seems fully stoked. At the back are W/C's, steam-rooms and a large communial shower. Slight further back in the wet-room are a plunge-pool and bottom-lit jacuzzi.

Taurs and non-taurforms alike are seen to be lounging and talking, playing and laughing, cuddling and snoozing. This is a calm place where the daily grind is left behind. Let yourself go...