The Club has a very enthusiastic group of Glider flyers who, in addition to recreation flying, take part in two Eastern Region Electric Glider Leagues and annually in the BMFA F5J Competition.

In addition to the electric gliders we “Slope Soar” from the cliffs at Felixstowe when the wind is from the SE.

See Sections below for more details.

Note that Only the competitions that the Club hosts at Lt Bentley appear in the Club Diary on the Home Page.

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Electric Gliders

An “Electric Glider is one that uses an electric motor to initially gain height, the motor is then turned off and the remainder of the flight is as a pure glider.

Although Electric gliding can be enjoyed as a solo activity it is at its best when there are several flyers as it inevitably turns competitive, who can find the best thermal? who can stay up the longest? who can land the most accurately?

Whilst competition models can be very expensive (>£1000) fun can be had, and even competition success achieved, with very economic models, including “foamies”.

Competition Electric Gliding

A competition flight is in three phases:

Launch: a 30 second motor run or 200m height, which ever comes first. The motor switch off is controlled by an “electronic gadget” called a height limiter. Launch heights vary in other types of competition.

Glide: The ideal glide for maximum points is exactly 10 minutes from launch. This can not be achieved from a 200m launch without the help of thermal lift.

Landing: Land on a pre-determined spot, points are gained the closer to the spot.

Competition Results:

12th June 2018 Again congratulations to club members for their success in the Bartletts league round held at Rettendon, near Chelmsford. Particularly well done to Paul Wainwright for flying a home designed/made glider of 2m span and coming second against open class machines (up to 4m span) costing considerably more. It just shows that there is no substitute for talent!

Also worthy of mention is Cliff Stone for a very credible performance in his first competition for a while.

Other club member that took part are John Hovell, Peter Ley and Tony Merritt

Slope Soaring

Slope Soaring at Felixstowe is totally dependent on the wind, a >10mph wind from the SE is necessary, unfortunately the prevailing wing is from the West so whenever the conditions are right the opportunity must be taken. Almost any glider can be flown from the slope given a wind strength to match its characteristics, also many power planes can be “sloped”, particularly impressive are WWII fighters.

To check the wind live at Felixstowe click here

A very windy day at Felixstowe

Footage from the cliffs at Old Felixstowe, Suffolk, England. Date: 23rd Sept. 2012 around midday. Winds 25 - 30 mph, ESE - a little more S would have been better, SE is usually the best. Pilots: Tony M & Paul W. Models: JP Bullet II (Tony), Chris Foss Phase something (!) Video shot and narrated by the late Russell M.