Resolving SMS Text Messaging Issues

Please submit any feedback or suggestions for this document to the OKC IR Clinic team. This document gives your basic trouble shooting steps for text messaging issues. Additional information may be found in the following KMS documents:

KMS Documents

Text Messaging Troubleshooting Matrix

Receiving Garbled Messages from Other Users (CDMA) - Troubleshooting |Technical Support

Metcalf Intercarrier Messaging Tool Overview |Technical Support

BMG Tool Overview (CDMA)

Block All SMS Text Messages (CSM)

Opt-Out of Premium SMS Messages

Domestic and 1+ Supported Carrier Listing

Receiving Duplicate Text Messages (CDMA) | Technical Support

Block - Unblock - Allow Text Message from Phone by Short Code 9999

SMS Text Message Errors Received from 9230 Grid (CDMA)

International SMS Text Messaging

Mobile Alerts Overview

Cannot Send or Receive Trouble Shooting Steps

These are the basic troubleshooting steps, and do not have to be taken in order listed. Not all steps may need to be taken if any others resolved the issue.

  1. Check for a CTMS ticket and follow any Trouble Shooting listed in the ticket.
  2. Check for recent Service Alerts from the Network Event Board.
  3. Check the firmware/software version on the device from the Customer Equipment page and update if needed.
  4. Check device compatibility if a recent ESN swap has been performed –in KMS Device Tool, put a check in SMS Text Messaging (2WSMS) and click GO.
  5. Check memory available on device. Clear the inbox, outbox, drafts, cookies and cache, call history and delete any voice mail or numeric text pages. Test again.
  6. Remove the battery from the phone for 1 minute, and then power device on.
  7. Have the customer test by MANUALLY dialing a 10 digit MDN in the TO: field.
  8. Send a test message from Watch to see if you receive an error message from You may get 9230 information. You can also send test messages from BMG and Intercarrier Tools.
  9. Check the billing system for blocking SOC code.
    1. CBR2SMST: To block both incoming and outgoing text messages to customer’s device.
    2. BLOCKTERM: To block incoming text messages to device.
    3. BLOCKORIG: To block outgoing text messages from device.
    4. IMRSTRCT: Block Java Instant messaging and text messages.
  10. In BMG Advanced tab: PCS provisioning Information:
    1. If showing a non SMS capable device add/remove CBR2SMST or through CSM go to the Profile tab then Page Options > Switch Activities > refresh device scroll down and select SPS-CDMA- VISION/MESSAGING LDAP.
    2. SMS Allow MO (message origination) Messaging & SMS Allow MT (message termination) Messaging should be YES.
    3. Hot Line should be NO.
    4. Check Service Pro to verify all transactions have completed and verify Messaging LDAP is ACTIVE.
  11. In BMG Advanced tab: (login is NTC, password is SPRINT), choose User Settings
    1. They should have ACCEPT ALL  OR  they should have “block all EXCEPT” and enter the number in the accept list.
  12. Check BMG INBOX or OUTBOX for traffic for this customer.
  13. Check BMG INBOX or OUTBOX for traffic for the other MDN (if a NON-SPRINT customer has BMG entries for INBOX / OUTBOX / PROVISIONING INFORMATION in our BMG, create a CTMS ticket under the Sprint MDN reporting a NON-Sprint customer found in BMG.)
  14. Search Metcalf Intercarrier for 2 way traffic – if the text is RED, click on ERROR CODE and look up that code.
    1. Verify destination number is dialed correctly and that carrier is supported.
    2. Verify Metcalf Intercarrier info is correct (BOTH carriers by MDN) – If not, your RMT can call Verisign to correct.
  15. Check SPV to verify Mobile Active = Y and PLSL / SLSL start with a 1.
  16. If customer is roaming, check coverage and SMS abilities in IMPACT. If customer is ROAMING in a Sprint coverage area, set the phone to SPRINT ONLY. Remember some devices can not use SMS while Roaming refer to the Customer Equipment (SEBU) page.
  17. Reprogram the phone and verify MDN and MSID are correct.
  18. Check for known issues for that device on the Customer Equipment (SEBU) page.
  19. Use NETi to check for a CDMA customer in the Nextel BMG (see below).
  20. ##RTN the phone if customer cannot send to everyone or receive from everyone if the customer is willing. (If not, create an eTicket and send to repair center for hard reset.) Reprogram the device then test again. Do not ##RTN if cannot send or receive to only one person or carrier.
  21. Create a CTMS ticket. Verify one way messaging was found. Make sure customer is trying to send to someone they cannot receive from and visa versa. Provide MDNs, carriers, and time/date stamps in notes. All examples need to be within the past 24 hours


MDN must be found in BMG to use SMS. If you get MDN not found, add CBR2SMST in CSM, save, remove CBR2SMST, and then save. Watch Switch Control and Service Pro for the transaction to complete. (DO NOT FORCE CLOSE the LDAP 32 error if occurs, the error will close in 2-4 hours.) Search the BMG by MDN again. Once found in BMG then retest SMS.

Customer with SMS Allow MO Messaging NO or SMS Allow MT Messaging NO in BMG. Please look for any block SOC codes. Remove if needed. If no blocks found please add CBR2SMST, save, remove CBR2SMST, and then save. Watch Switch Control and Service Pro for the transaction to complete. (DO NOT FORCE CLOSE the LDAP 32 error if occurs, the error will close in 2-4 hours.) Search the BMG by MDN again to verify it updated to SMS Allow MO Messaging YES or SMS Allow MT Messaging YES then retest SMS.

MDN that shows HOTLINED YES will not be able to use SMS. This is a legitimate hotline or “ghost” hotline issue in BMG. First look for ANY HOTLINE SOC codes in CSM. Remove them if you should. If no HOTLINE SOC codes are found, add the HUHL soc, save, remove HUHL, and then save. Watch Switch Control and Service Pro for the transaction to complete. Once BMG shows HOTLINED NO then retest SMS.

This is BAD provisioning. This is GOOD provisioning.

Do not create CTMS tickets if customer is not provisioned correctly. THE MOST COMMON REASON for customer who cannot receive from ANYONE is BLOCK ALL is turned ON in BMG under USER SETTINGS. The BMG login is NTC and the password is SPRINT.

CDMA customer in the Nextel BMG

CDMA customer’s have been found in the Nextel Messaging system and loaded in NETi as MMS2. If you get any SMS issue where the customer is experiencing difficulties sending or receiving with Nextel subscribers, remove CDMA customer from the Nextel BMG.

Log into NETi

  1. Select device-mms2

Select transaction-mms2 query by PTN

Enter the PTN and click submit

If you get success: proceed to step 2

If you get operation error - subscriber not found: continue with normal troubleshooting – they are not in the Nextel BMG

2. Select device-mms2

Select transaction-mms2 delete subscriber

Enter the ptn and click submit

You will get a pop up “operation cannot be undone. Are you sure?” click ok

You should get success

Verify they were deleted by performing step 1 again.

If you delete a subscriber that should be in the MMS2 for an IDEN device, a REFRESH DEVICE for MMS2 should resolve the issue. Remember that for IDEN>> a device refresh is a remove and add of that network element you refresh.

If you find a Nextel customer in the Sprint BMG please do a CTMS ticket as explained in step 13 above.

Block / Allow / Report Spam from Handset

Customers can now block sender, allow sender, or report SPAM from sender on their handset. The subscriber sends a text message to short code 9999 that contains a command to block, allow, or list sender addresses.

  • Block Sender via SMS allows users to:
    • Block text messages from specific PTNs.
    • Block text messages from specific short codes.
    • Block text messages from specific e-mail addresses.
    • Block text messages from specific domains (For example:
    • Block all text messages from e-mail addresses.
    • Remove users from the block list - allow users to send text messages.
    • Receive a text message with a list of all blocked senders.
    • Receive a text message with help information.
  • The application sends a confirmation SMS message back to the user indicating completion of the attribute change. See 9999 Command Table.
  • The actions are reflected in the Messaging/Settings and Preferences page of, as well as under the Advanced Tab/User Settings tab of the BMG GUI used by Customer Care.
  • Customer needs to have Short Message Service (SMS) text messaging capable phone on subscription.
  • There is no charge for text messages sent or received from the 9999 short code regardless if the user subscribes to a text messaging plan.
  • Customer should not have the following text messaging blocking SOCs on subscription:
    • CBR2SMST

Common Short Codes- If short code is not listed below please check BMG help option for more short codes

Unknown – If a SMS is sent from the front page, the sender will be listed as UNKNOWN even if they list a callback number.

333 – MMS Picture Mail

3344 – When sending Picture Mail to another supported domestic carrier, customers will get a SMS explaining the picture may not be delivered due to file size (unless blocked in PMG)

6245 – Email to text (ex. Email sent to

8888 –IOTA. This is a whisper the customer should never see. If a customer sees this ON THE CORRECT HANDSET, ##RTN the phone

9016 – Voice SMS or Visual Voicemail. If an ESN is swapped from a Voice SMS enabled phone to a non-voice SMS enabled or from and Instinct to another device.

9017 – Notification from Sprint. Usually the message is “SprintFreeMsg: Your call tone has expired. For more information….”

9048 – These are alerts that the customer has subscribed to on MSN. YOU go to MSN OPT OUT and Username: PW Sprint01 to unsubscribe for the customer.

9055 – This is a text alert for Shortmail.

9099 – ASL notifications. These are informational message for the customer


9099 – If a customer logs on at, and sends a SMS from the My Sprint Page or from My Online Tools

9103 – ozsms – This is an instant messenger application (Yahoo, AOL or MSN) telling the customer the received and instant message.

9114 –Sprint Mobile Email. Have the customer setup their Sprint mobile Email on the phone or delete the customer from the SMEW TOOL ( see IR Clinic Document Mobile Email.)

9203 – Systems message from Sprint – error details 2112 or 2113 if recipient is not provisioned.

9230 – When texting is rejected on our BMG, it says "The customer you are trying to text is temporality out of service” as a response.

9471 – OMA DM – These should be invisible to the device unless the provisioning has gone wrong.

9485 – Core Mobility whisper for Mobile Sync device.

83960 – This is a download link from Handmark. It can be to download On Demand / Pocket Express OR to download purchase on a Windows device or Blackberry (like a ringer).

83960 – If a PDA is not getting the download SMS for premium content, verify there is NOT a BLOCK ALL in PMG.

44550 – Sprint Alerts – Customer can customize these from Content Manager > Messaging > Mobile Alerts (see SPRINT MOBILE ALERTS section below)

22331 – This is content from Mobile Alerts (Like CNN News Headlines)

Garbled SMS from 9016, 9114, or 9485

A customer that previously had a Visual Voicemail, Voice SMS, Mobile Sync or Sprint Mobile Email capable device and the previous device was not returned to the original factory settings after the ESN change, the new device may receive garbled or unrelated text messages from these short codes. When the previous device is powered on it may attempt to configure the PTN/NAI and ESN for the “old” capabilities. Since the “new” device is unable to utilize these services because it is a non-capable device, the customers may receive these text messages as garbled or spam messages.

If the customer does not have the old device then we can change the customers NAI which will create a change that will no longer link the old device with the new device.

Error 97 - SMS Origination Denied

Perform basic troubleshooting steps above.

Opt out of Sprint Marketing and Educational Alerts

To opt out for a customer, go to and login: sprint with password: sprint. Enter the customers MDN and follow the prompts.

International Text

Sprint customers are able to send and receive international SMS to supported countries. Please note that not all countries and carriers are supported.

  1. Verify the customer can send/receive domestic messages.
  2. Verify carrier /country is supported for international text. (KMS: International SMS Text Messaging)
  3. Check Device type (Short mail devices cannot send Intl text [with the exception of the 8100]).
  4. Check Metcalf Intercarrier for the International number/correct info (dialing sequence).
  5. Verify customer is using the correct dialing sequence (there are 1+ and 011+ for International #s).

Unsupported carrier:

If the messages do show up in the Metcalf tool as “outgoing” without any errors, then the customer needs to be referred to the far side carrier for them to remedy the issue. Sometimes unsupported international will have traffic, but we cannot troubleshoot beyond basic SMS troubleshooting if stops working.

Supported carrier:

Verify the digit format needed in supported list. We will need recent attempts either sent or received. Same rule applies for international as domestic. Verify one way messaging was found. Make sure customer is trying to send to someone they cannot receive from and visa versa. Provide MDNs, carriers, and time/date stamps in notes. This short template can help but these questions are asked in the CTMS ticket. All examples need to be within a 48-72hr time frame.


Country Code:



Supported Carrier: Y or N

2 Recent Message Samples from Metcalf:

Short mail

Short mail is text messaging for different devices. This service will be discontinued in the near future.

Short mail requires web access and a customer must be able to get into the vision site in order to go to messaging and view their messages or to send their messages.

  1. If customer does not have a vision plan, they will be charged per kilobyte.
  2. With Short mail, the notification message sent to the customer’s phone advising them that they have a message will always be 90 characters in length. In the BMG they all appear as the same length.
  3. Troubleshooting for Short mail begins with VISION troubleshooting.

Premium Text

Customers can purchase these text message alerts via the mobile phone or the internet. Customers can opt out by replying “STOP” to THAT short code.

  • Cooling-off period for previously blocked PTNs in the PMG: Sprint has an agreement with some 3rd party content providers that causes the Sprint MDN/PTN once blocked in the PMG to remain blocked in the 3rd party system for up to 45days once UN-blocked in the PMG. This means that short code providers may not be able to immediately resume sending text to the Sprint customer. They may still be blocked in their systems and they cannot be unblocked / white-listed by any other means other than waiting for the cooling-off period to pass.
  • Time frame to unsubscribe from the third party content: Once the unsubscribing goes thru it may take up to 24 hours for the 3rd party to actually STOP the text.  This is because the messages have been queued and may still be delivered on a timeline.  Please advise customers of this.  
  • Time frame to re-subscribe: To begin to receive 3rd party content may also vary depending on when they have their schedules to send out messages.
  • Bank balance notifications: encounter “blacklisting” (blocking or removal of MDN) more often that other providers.  Customers will have to contact their financial institution if they want anything corrected that we have already updated.
  • Recycled MDNs: also retain the 3rd party subscriptions OR BLOCKING that was not cancelled by the previous customer, so we will have to assist customers with this as well. If you see a recycled MDN please be aware that credit may be due and it is necessary.
  • Blacklisting: is not always a complete blocking of texts from certain emails/mdns/3rd party providers etc. It can be a metered (throttling) of messages coming out of a particular server and these come in with limitations (time and amounts).

Please remember a refund request in the PMG refund does not refund the customer.

Premium Content for Windows Mobile and Blackberry

If the customer is not receiving the text message sent by the Digital Lounge to complete the purchase transaction (ringer or screen saver), verify there is not a block in the PMG. The Short Message Service (SMS) is sent through the Premium Messaging Gateway (PMG) code 83960.

In BMG Advanced tab: (login is NTC, password is SPRINT), check the User Settings. They should have ACCEPT ALL  OR  they should have “block all EXCEPT” and enter 83960 in the accept list.

Delayed Text

A message is considered delayed if it takes more than 30 minutes to receive.

  1. Check coverage area: (roaming or out of service area in Impact)
  2. Verify if phone has powered-on and in a PCS coverage area within the last 72 hours.
  3. If the phone is turned off or is out of coverage area for the past 72 hours, the message delivery system can store a maximum of 15 messages for up to 72 hours.
  4. Any additional messages (over 15) will be dropped until the stored messages are delivered.
  5. If the customer is in roaming by default, then ask if they can set to Sprint only or if they need to specifically need roaming.
  6. If they have to have roaming then please ask customer to power cycle while in roaming and to make a voice call while in roam to assist with registering the device and number on the roaming tower.

Duplicate Messages

If customer has received fewer than three duplicate messages, advise them that no additional action is required. If the customer has received three or more duplicate messages, then follow these steps.

  1. Check for service alerts.
  2. Verify the customer is or has been on a Sprint tower.
    • If they have been on any tower other than Sprint, this can and most likely will produce the issue of duplicate or delay in delivery.
    • The way to verify this is in SPV and checking the primary last seen and secondary last seen location.
    • If either of these does not begin with a "1" then they are roam towers.
  3. When SPV does not show roaming make sure that the customer is power cycling and that they have adequate coverage.
  4. Power-cycling is crucial to resolving this issue as well.
  5. Customers need to be educated that power-cycling is a necessary thing and if done on a consistent basis it assists with preventing issues.

Garbled Text

When a customer receives a text message and they cannot read OR they state they are sending out garbled SMS to everyone. It shows up as letters or symbols and cannot be legibly interpreted.

  1. Check for service alerts.
  2. If the customer has SENT three or more garbled messages from a PDA:
    1. Delete signature and retest.
    2. If still unresolved RTN the device/ reprogram device and re-test.
  3. If the customer is receiving ALL SMS as garbled, complete basic troubleshooting.
  4. If occurring on ONE SMS, that could be ONE corrupted message. Delete the one message and retest again.
  5. Please be very specific with which message(s) are affected and notate the time and date they were sent or received and to what number(s). Specific examples will be needed.
  6. Create a CTMS trouble ticket with all troubleshooting done and tests.

One Way Text Messages

These types of messages are originated from a place that does not allow for our Sprint customer to reply. (anonymous) text messages, TAP (usually generated in mass via a computerized system) and Sprint mobile numbers sent via an email type address like and the majority of alerts are specific types of one-way text messages. These messages are difficult to block unless you block all text messages and add in only MDN’s allowed to text the customer.

Whitelisting / Blacklisting

When customer’s call Care in regards to the shutdown of our old CDMA gateway (whitelisting or
blacklisting issues), the specialist is to ask the customer to have the “service provider”
(the one sending the emails that cannot be received) send an inquiry to for information on how to obtain access to the new
SNPP/WCTP gateway.
That group will take it from there.  They will send the appropriate request documents to the
customer or the service provider, get them provisioned when the necessary documents have been
received back, and provide assistance with getting their systems configured (with help from
our vendor and/or the SE if necessary)

Tickets for this issue should reference the information we provided the customer and or the
service provider and then they should be closed.
This is NOT an educate and close contact.  We must speak with the customer to provide the

Blocking SMS

In CSM plan changes, under Call Restrictions you can elect to block messaging in several different manners for our customers, once the plan code is added, customers will not receive standard or premium SMS text messages on their phone.

  • As an added measure, you can choose BLOCK ALL in the PMG.
  • The customer should opt-out or unsubscribe from all premium SMS text messages they were receiving.

Some things CANNOT BE BLOCKED, they must be unsubscribed. When in doubt, have the customer read to you the context of the unsolicited SMS. Sometimes the resolution is found in the message. Example: “if you wish to no longer get these messages, please contact to unsubscribe.”


To confirm they are receiving TEXT SPAM, and not PICTURE MAIL SPAM, review the entries in BMG. If the entries show 333 or the whole email addresses then you may want to check the Picture Mail tool in an effort to determine if the issue is indeed SMS or if it is Picture Mail. Normally the email address does not show up in the BMG when a customer is receiving SPAM SMS, it will show 6245 which is a text generated by an email address, so this will help with determining what steps to take. The short code 6245 can be blocked in the BMG under user settings tab, however you must educate our customer that when we do this it will block “all” email based SMS from reaching their device.

Anonymous Text Messages

The most likely anonymous text message a customer will receive is from our website. This option allows anyone to send a text message to one of our mobile customers. These messages cannot be traced or tracked to find the location of where a message was originated. If the customer is experiencing an issue with anonymous text, you should block all messages via BMG and add only those numbers that the customer would like to receive text from. This is the only current way to prevent these types of messages.

Third Party Messaging

Yahoo Mobile alertsYahoo alerts will have to be unsubscribed by accessing and sign in with their yahoo id.

AOL Mobile alerts AOL alerts can be cancelled thru this website:

MSN Mobile alertsMSN alerts can be cancelled thru this website:

The login is:  The PW is: Sprint01 Click on the “User Management” link and then use the drop down on the Search By field and drop to Device address. The device address that you will enter is the customer’s

Sprint Mobile Alerts

These types of text messages can be free of charge or have some charge associated with them.  Customers can register and maintain these alerts two ways:


  1. launching the web
  2. vision home
  3. messaging
  4. text alerts
  5. manage alerts


  1. Go to My Online Tools.
  2. Select SMS Messaging.
  3. Click on left banner titled Text Alerts.
  4. Enter Cell Number.
  5. Click Send It!
    • Text message will then be sent to phone.
  6. Upon receipt of text messages:
    • Click Options.

    Click Go on the embedded URL.

    The designated short code for this type of message is 44550. If customer no longer wants Mobile Alerts, they can change Sprint Mobile Alerts through handset, opt out by replying STOP or agents can opt out/ block in the PMG.

    If a customer cannot receive Sprint Mobile Alerts, check in the BMG Advanced tab: (login is NTC, password is SPRINT), under the User Settings. They should have ACCEPT ALL  OR  they should have “block all EXCEPT” and enter the short code from the PMG (44550, 22331, etc.) in the accept list.

    Provision time for New Activation or after Porting for Inter-carrier SMS

    When a customer ports a number in to Sprint it can take up to 72 hours for the Metcalf Intercarrier SMS to provision. Verify Metcalf Intercarrier info is correct (BOTH carriers by MDN) – If not, your RMT can call Verisign to correct them.

    MDN’s Ported Out

    Customers who have ported out from Sprint may still have BMG entries for INBOX / OUTBOX / PROVISIONING INFORMATION and this causes these messages to fail because in all actuality they are “no longer” Sprint (BMG) customers. The only way to get these numbers removed out of the Sprint Messaging system is by opening a CTMS ticket under the Sprint MDN reporting a NON-Sprint customer found in BMG.

    Text to Landline delivered in Spanish

    Entries may mislead the language recognition and Spanish may be chosen instead of English for the delivery. Please educate customers to try and avoid using incomplete words or a combination of letters which are found in the Spanish alphabet such as: LL – CH – and so on.

    • Make the messages a bit longer and/or with some clear and proper English language content should prevent sending the message delivery in Spanish.
    • Content such as “U r a liar!” will mislead the language recognition software.  Try sending “You are a liar” instead.
    • Content such as “Ha ha ha” will mislead the language recognition software. Try sending “Laughing ha ha ha” instead.
    • Content such as “Gorlilla!” will mislead the language recognition software. Try sending “Hairy gorilla!” instead.
    • Entering the entire word rather than acronyms, abbreviations or utilizing initials for example: LOL or TTYL
    • Smilies or emoticons will cause this as well.

    Text sent from phonebook not going to MDN selected

    Text to someone in their phone book it is also going to another party that they did not select and often-times do not even have in their phone book.  The messages are going to unknowns and the customer is finding this out when they receive a response text normally stating “who is this?”  Or “I think you have the wrong person” and sometimes even “stop texting me”

    Specific information is needed when opening these tickets.

    Please Include Template in CTMS Ticket

    1. Where the customer was when they sent or received the message to or from a MDN other than the intended party (address). Physical address of where customer was when they sent msg.
    2. Originating MDN --- Sprint number sending out the message.
    3. Terminating MDN --- The number we actually sent the message to
    4. Errant MDN (MDN that received the message that was not supposed to) Unknown MDN
    5. Date and Time of errant message
    6. Content of message (if possible) - like the unknown party texting “who is this?” Why are you sending me text? So Fix Agents can locate that mdn in the text logs.

    Voice SMS Issues
    1. Confirm phone is capable of sending voice SMS by visiting
    2. Confirm the customer has active NAI on subscription.
    3. Confirm customer can access the web.
    4. Confirm there is no SMS block message on the subscription.
    5. Confirm that the customer can send and receive standard text messages.
    6. Confirm customer has listened to Voice SMS Tutorial in its entirety. If it is not completed, they will not be able to send or receive Voice SMS. If the customer cancelled the tutorial, this is resolved only by performing a ##RTN to the device.
    7. Check for service alerts for Voice SMS issues.
    8. If the issue still occurs, create a CTMS ticket.

    Time Stamp Issues

    There are certain areas of the country that have ongoing timestamp issues with SMS, and this issue will NOT be remedied. This is due to the switch the specific customers are zoned off of. Most of the time it is a switch that is homed in an area where 2 time zones exist, and therefore the issue appears. Each switch can only be configured for 1 time zone. If the switch supports 2 time zones, then we have to choose and often time it is the “other” time zone, if the customer is calling in about it. This is just some info so that we do not send up any tickets on this issue since the initial “daylight savings time, spring forward time change” has passed and all the switches have been updated to the current time.

    PDA Cannot Send

    Customer will state no error message and you will not see anything going OUT through BMG OUTBOX. This is failing on a device level.

    1. Check Known Issues below
    2. Clear cookies/cache
    3. Delete ALL messages from INBOX, OUTBOX, SENT, PENDING, CHAT LOG, and anything else involving messaging memory.
    4. Clear call history/call logs
    5. Retest sending SMS
    6. Soft reset and try again
    7. ##RTN, reprogram the phone and then try again.

    BLACKBERRY if cannot receive SMS, go to options>security options>firewall> disable and verify the SMS field is not checked.

    Common Known Issues

    Always refer to the Customer Equipment / SEBU page for specific make/model issues. We can not list all device known issue related to SMS, here are a few of the more common issues seen on a regular bases.

    Mogul (PPC-6800)

        1. Text messages to email will get cut off after 160 characters on the HTC Mogul
        2. Some Symbols do not appear in Text Messages on the HTC Mogul
        3. SMS Shows Different Timestamp on the HTC Mogul


    1. Text messages to email will get cut off after 160 characters on the Touch by HTC
    2. Some symbols do not appear in text messages on the Touch by HTC

    Touch Diamond

    1. Some symbols do not appear in text messages on the HTC Touch Diamond


    1. T9 text input mode  while using email on the Rumor by LG
    2. SMS Delivery Receipt on the Rumor by LG


    1. Word Prediction when texting on the LG Rumor 2 (LX265)
    2. Predictive Text For Email on the LG Rumor 2 (LX265)

    LX550Can't send SMS Text Messages when roaming on the LG "Fusic" (LX550)


          1. SMS Delivery Receipt on the LG Muziq LX570
          2. Word Prediction with Text Messaging on the Muziq (LX570)

    LX600Threaded text message screen on the LG Lotus

    MOTORAZR 2 V9m

    1. SMS Delivery Receipt on the MOTORAZR2 V9m
    2. International SMS on the  MOTORAZR 2 V9m

    Moto Q

    Unable to sent text messages on the Motorola Q

    Treo 700pIntermittently not able to receive text message on the Palm Treo 700p

    Treo 700wx

    1. No option to save email address in text message on the Palm Treo 700wx
    2. Duplicate text messages on the Palm Treo 700wx
    3. Unable to text message non-Sprint phones on the Palm Treo 700wx

    Rant (M540) -- Text messages not deleting in Contact History on the Samsung Rant (M540)

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