Mibbit Auth

Account and Registration issues.

This guide applies to using mibbit screen (client) while on mibbit server.

Account vs. Nick

A "Mibbit account" is 'client-side.' It's for saving your settings in the mibbit interface in browser. An account doesnt directly deal with the server. You make an account at the Create an Account button in mibbit screen.

A "registered nick" is 'server-side.' It's a nickname registered to the server. It pertains to channel privileges.

Making Account

Create a mibbit account
In mibbit screen: http://chat.mibbit.com/, at the top there's a Create an Account button (unless you're already logged into an account). Go there and fill out the form. Enter a unique nick and password.

Registering with Nickserv

 Now pick a nick to register. It can be same as your account name or not. It should be one you like, and expect to use in channels. You can have a group of nicks sharing privileges of registration, so you wont be stuck or anything, but still make this nick a decent one.
To register a nick, type: /msg NickServ REGISTER <your password> <your email>
You can just copy and paste these commands from here, but add your email & password etc.
(Check "General IRC" section on how to perform commands.)

Identifying with a nick

Now you want to "identify", i.e. tell the server you really own your nick. To identify with a nick, type: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <your password>. You have to have your registered nick selected.

To change your nick, type: /nick <New Nick>
When you type the ID command, check server tab ("mibbit"), it should say "You are now recognized". If it doesn't, perhaps you don't have your registered nick selected. You could try registering whatever nick you have currently selected, and use that.


Log into your mibbit account.
Log into mibbit

Atop mibbit screen, click account.
mibbit account tab

Under the heading IRC Server details, fill out a horizontal row of fields.
mibbit auth and auto-connect details
You only have to fill out first three.
Server: Type in: "irc.mibbit.com"            [NOTE: do not use .net. use .com]
Nick: <your registered nickserv Nick>
Pass: <nickserv password>
Auth Method: "NickServ" (leave as is)

When you fill those 3 fields, click "Add" (at right), then "Save and close" (at bottom).


Atop mibbit screen, click "channels".
mibbit channels tab

Type this into one row of fields:
Server = irc.mibbit.com          [its now .com, not .net]
Channels = <leave blank>
Auto-Connect = Yes
Then click "Add" and "Save and close".
This is a good foundation. It connects you to server and runs auto-ID commands as soon as you open mibbit.
You can add channels as shown, and affect auto-connect settings as you wish.
Put a space between channel name and pass. E.g. "cool" and "people"

What all that should do: When you first open mibbit screen, it will connect you to mibbit server and automatically identify your nick. You can then enter a channel that has you on an auto-op or auto-voice list, and you will get op'd or voiced accordingly.
Let's see if it worked. When you've done all i listed above, close all mibbit stuff in browser, then reopen mibbit. Give it 5 seconds.
Then if a mibbit server window opens automatically, go there and see if it says this:
NickServ This nickname is registered and protected. If it is your
NickServ nick, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password. Otherwise,
NickServ please choose a different nick.
NickServ Password accepted - you are now recognized.
If so, you are done.

From now on, to connect to channels, don't use the "home" tab in mibbit screen. Use these methods to connect to channels:
1. Type: /Join <channel> <pass> (typed into server window or existing chat window.)
2. Go to channels -> connect now. (A saved channel has a connect now button.)
3. Set saved channels to auto connect. This will connect you to them as soon as you open mibbit screen.
   To do that, go the channels and set saved channel to auto-connect.

Mibbit Docs

There's where you can find many commands for the mibbit server.
(If that doesn't work, take off some end directories of link.)


Anything in <sharp brackets> is always things you put yourself, like variables. <pass> = whatever your pass is.

Server Window:
mibbit server tab
The mibbit server window looks like a chat channel window. It says 'mibbit' on it. This is good for putting in commands that have passwords, so you don't accidentally post a pass into chat.
When you experience an error, the server window should tell you what happened. Perhaps copy it's error messages and show to an IRC expert. Error messages are how you fix your IRC problems.

Contact at: Robby5321 -at- gmail -dot- com.