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        آموزش پی ال سی لوگو زيمنس

        Iran PLC has selected Logo for : simple installation, minimum wiring, easy programming.
        Very good tool for people who want to learn automation.

        Have fun

        First step download and install Logo software (Demo software) ->                              دانلود لوگو

        With Logo soft you can create a new program or load a sample at " Program " folder.
        For beginners, you can start with a simple example.
        An input to activate an output. After you can play with timers, counters, ....

        Below is an example of a Logo soft control for a Industrial Gate.

        After the network configuration, you can transfer your program.
        Two possibilities for transferring program.
        • From PC to Logo
        • From Logo to PC

        If you do not have a Logo PLC or you want to check your program before transfer, you can use the simulation.

        You can activate the Inputs by clicking I1,I2,...

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