Iranian Green

....collected resources (primarily English-speaking audience)

Citizen Coverage
Blogs, websites, and photo sites etc. updated by Iranians
Tehran Bureau: Iran Election News collated from a multiplicity of sources; very comprehensive (twitter TehranBureau)
Madyar's Life Online: daily blog with photos/videos from Iran (alternating Persian & English, twitter madyar)
ran Rigged Election: blog from Tehran with photos, comments (twitter IranRiggedElect)
Fershteh Ghazi's blog: (Persian) Journalist/human rights activist in Iran (twitter iranbaan)
"Mousavi1388" Flickr Photostream: major photo resource thru 6.20.09
Shahrzad's Blog: blog of an Iranian woman (twitter shahrzadmo)
tehran 24: Daily Photos from Tehran
We are all Neda: Not a blog per se, rather a global continuous online tribute to one woman
Persepolis 2.0: A graphic novel depicting the post-election Iran

Of Interest
Hosting and Protesting
Austin Heap's blog: great resource for proxy-hosting & more
Virtual Box: Sun Microsystems, open source, multiple OS/platform virtual computing
Anonymous Iran: plethora of info re. difficulty of computing in Iran and solutions
Freegate: Free anti-censorship software for most Win, +links to Linux/Mac versions: AT CAPACITY 6.21.09!
iRevolution: How to communicate securely in repressive environments
If they can't protest, we will: Traditional protest info USA
Where is my vote? Something YOU can do! Dutch video and downloadable pdf 

Free Speech and Technology
Internet & Democracy Project: global citizenry's use of internet for their governance
Ushahidi - Crowdsourcing Crisis Information: multi-platform (phone & web) beta
The Extraordinaries: beta iPhone microvolunteering crowdsourcing app 

First Aid
Austin Heap's Blog: includes basic triage info relevant to protesters

Human Rights
UN: How to file a human rights complaint with the United Nations

Human Rights Watch Statements
Iran: End Violence Against Peaceful Protests 6.15.09
ran: Investigate Protester Deaths 6.18.09
ran: Halt the Crackdown 6.19.09
Iran: Violent Crackdown on Protesters Widens 6.23.09
ran: Night Raids Terrorize Civilians 6.26.09

Amnesty International
Link to all stories, urgent actions, appeals for action, and press releases re. Iran

Press Releases Only (since the election):
Violence Against Demonstrators Marks New Presidential Term 6.14.09
Khamenai's Speech Gives Legitimacy to Police Brutality 6.19.09’s-speech-gives-legitimacy-police-brutality-20090619
Stop Using Basij Militia to Police Demonstrations 6.22.09
Journalists Detained as News Restrictions Tighten 6.26.09

Appeals for Action Only (omitting urgent action statements)
Iran Authorities to Protect the Right to Peaceful Protest 6.23.09

Human Rights Activists in Iran: Up-to-date blog with English translations & downloadable pdf's
Reporters without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières) English
Iran Human Rights: A website maintained by activists that collates human rights-related info specific to Iran, available in English
Faces of the Dead and Detained: the Guardian's collaborative effort to identify Iranians 
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran 

Major Figures

Hosting, cloud computing etc.
Austin Heap's blog: great resource for proxy-hosting & more
Anonymous Iran: plethora of info re. difficulty of computing in Iran and solutions
Freegate: Free anti-censorship software for most Win, +links to Linux/Mac versions: AT CAPACITY 6.21.09! A virtual computing site
VMware vSphere: 60-day trial virtual computing
Virtual Box: Sun Microsystems, open source, multiple OS/platform virtual computing
UltraSurf: another virtual pc
iRevolution: How to communicate securely in repressive environments
Student-Information-Center GoogleGroup: Anonymous group to help Iranians break through censorship

Translation...Persian <-> English
Google Translate Persian alpha: both site & snippet translation capabilities
Babylon: Pesian<->English online snippet translation or free pc download for site translation

Major Media
BBC News
The New York Times
The Guardian: Iran Coverage
Le Monde diplomatique English Edition - Iran: networked dissent
The Independen
Nature: the Journal, Editorial - We are all Iranians

New Media, Software and Clients
Twitter and related


Facebook and related

Citizen Journalism
Youtube's Citizentube
iReport: Unedited, unfiltered, user-generated site