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Pedram Khavar-Zamini was born in 1975, in Teheran, Iran. He learned to play the Tombak alongside to tombak Masters Kamyar Mohabbat and Bahman Rajabi.As atalented student, he performed in public with Bahman Rajabi , duet for Tombak, and helped him to write "Rajabi`s second method book for Tombak".

In 1999, in collaboration with Hamid Ghambary, he edited a book on collection of works by Amir Nasser Eftetah, one of Iran`s most famous Tombak masters.

Pedram has founded his own percussion tombak group, named “Varashan”. He has also composed and released his first work for group tombak, named “Koutah” with the percussionist Hamid Ghambary, produced in Iran and Europe (

Pedram Khavarzamini has worked with the famous classical Persian musicians Kayhan Kalhor and Ali Akbar Moradi .

In 2002, he performed some concerts in duet with Kayhan Kalhor, in Germany, and with Kayhan Kalhor, George Petrov, Ross Daly for the “Bowed Instrument Festival”.

In 2003 he joined the “ Kayhan Kalhor “ensemble for a tour in the US and Europe, organized by the World Music Institute.

After meeting Ross Daly in Germany, Pedram decided to leave Iran and join Ross in Greece. He has recorded “Iris” with and under the direction of Ross Daly. This album is the meeting point of the most popular artists of Persian and Indian music: Pedram Khavar-Zamini, Dhruba Ghosh, Partha Sarathi Mukherjee, Hamid Khabazi, along with the Greek virtuosos Vasilis Rakopoulos, Kelli Thoma, Giorgos Xylouris.

Pedram has also become a member of the “Labyrinth” group, directed by Ross Daly. He meets and plays with very talented Greek musicians such as Stelios Petrakis, Vassilis Stavrakakis, Giorgos Xylouris, Kelly Thoma… and also with some of the most interesting musicians from all over the world, such as Habil Aliev, Mohamad Rahim Khushnawaz, Dariush Talai, Ballake Sissoko, Zohar Fresco, Ellika Frisell, Dhruba Gosh, Khaled and Hossein Arman, Siamak Aghaie,… always finding a way to bring his instrument to every kind of music.

He has also recorded Cd`s with great musicians such as Habil Aliev or Mitsos Stavrakakis.

In 2003, Ali Akbar Moradi, famous tanbur player from Kurdistan, invited Perdram to play with him for the “Mehregan Festival”, in Yazd, Iran.

In 2005, he decided to live in France and joined Pejman Hadadi and the Zarbangensemble for a concert in Koln, Germany.

He has played in some of the most beautiful places in the world such as Theatre de la Villein Paris, Lincoln Center Hallin New York, The Cleveland Museum of Art”, “The Thomas Jefferson Theatre” in Washington, The Chicago Cultural Center, and in many different countries like France, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Italy, Grece, Turkey, Switzerland…

Pedram knows how to mix the traditional Iranian base whith his own modern patterns. In this way he creates active rhythms and new sounds. His advanced technique and his musical influences (Persian, Turkish, Greec, Jazz...) give him a unique way to play tombak. His extremely sense of improvisation and his ability of adaptation allowed him to play and record with some of the most interesting artists in all over the world.

He is considered to be one of the most brillant artists from the new generation of Persian classical music.

"One of the foremost exponents of the younger generation is definitely Pedram khavar-Zamini who studied for many years with the great Master Bahman Rajabi. Pedram, apart from having worked extensively with major Iranian artists as both a soloist and accompanist, has also done a lot of groundbreaking work with ensembles of exclusively percussion instruments. The percussion group Koutah which he founded is without doubt at the forefront of what is in fact a new development in Iranian music which promises to open up many new avenues of expression in an already rich tradition." (Ross Daly / Houdetsi 2005).

Details of workshops and concerts in 2008

16 March 2008 bordeaux- workshop 

 5 April    2008     spain-girona

11 May   2008   CANADA-with SHIRAZ ensemble

24 May   2008    SPAIN-MADRID

13 June   2008    FRANCE-BOURGES-with ross daly&kelly thoma

19 july    2008      CANADA-TORONRO-with SHIRAZ ensemble

4 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

5 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

6 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

7 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

8 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

9 August 2008 GREECE-Crete-houdetsi(workshop)

9 October 2008 MARSEILLE-duet with Pascal lefeuvre

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Mohammad Mehdi Jaberi, born in 1981 in Kermanshah-Iran, has considerable interest to traditional, regional and Sufism music and with encouragement made by his brother and uncle ,successfully passed music and rhythm theory at service of Farid and Jamshid Mohebbi. He also learned and after that time , He found interest to learn Daf and used it in Takaya and Khanghahs. He used his respectable master's methods that named Master Khalifeh Karim Safovati and Master Khalifeh Safovati and Naster Khalifeh Aghaghousi , Master Bijan Kakmar and Ahmad Khaktinat .In 1993-1996, He received letter of citation in Fajr Music Festival as first candidate in Daf playing , and also received first winner gift in Mineon Festival of Japan .

He Has participated in different and numberous festivals inside and outside of the country together with Seyed ALi Khan Group , Mardan khoda , Aziz Shahrokh , Mezrabi orchestr of Dehlavi , Molana , singers such as :Mokhtabad , Ghalandar, Hamnavazane Erfan, etc.

He also has played Daf in London philharmonic Orchestra with Iranian Music Group , supervised by Mr. Kambiz Roshan Ravan .He has gone to different countries including Japan, Canada, America, Germany , Italy , France ,UK , India , UAE , Kuwait , Lebanon , Kherghizestan , Qatar , Tunisia .

 Now , He is Teaching daf and working on his cds "Daf & Baran".

·  Mohammad official website  



Massud naderi  was born in 7 july 1974 and has been resident of spain from 2002 , living in Barcelona.

He started to play tombak from 1991.His teachers in tombak were shaahin mohajeri and for a short period of time,Bahman Rajabi.

He believes that ideas of shaahin mohajeri , as a friend and teacher , had a great effect on his musical understanding and tombak playing:

    Personal filling and imagination has greater effect on tombak

This personal filling led him to his own way of music.

He believes that combination of tombak with other drums will sound different from darabuka and Indian tabla because sound of tombak doesn't impose Persian nationality to music.

He has participated in numerous festivals which some of them are listed below:

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Shaahin (Shahin) mohajeri ,(in Persian شاهين مهاجري) born 26 july 1971 in Tehran, Iran is a Tombak player,Tombak Researcher and microtonal composer.He has B.A in geology from tehran university.He began studying tombak under supervision of Nasser Farhangfar,master of tombak,but His Studies on tombak sound and fingering,tombak musical analysis and his arrhythmic musical ideas have led him to a different musical world of tombak and tombak playing. He composes music for solo of tombak and tombak group with different pitches , ranging from traditional to his personal style. He is working on a notation system for tombak as a result of acoustical parameters and a system of fingering classification for this drum . On 23 Dec 2006 Shaahin mohajeri lectured on tombak history,organology,acoustics and tunable tombak of Dr.Hossein omoumi in the Tehran Conservatory of Music.

As a microtonalist , he works on different tuning systems such as :

  • Equal divisions of length(EDL)
  • Arithmetic irrational divisions of octave AIDO(or nonoctave,interval)
  • Arithmetic rational divisions of octave ARDO(or nonoctave,interval)
  • Equal divisions of octave
  • Arithmetic divisions of length (ADL)
  • Shaahin mohajeri believes that 96-EDO is a good system for intervallic structure of persian music with more accurate estimation than ali naqi vaziri's 24-EDO system.Now,He is working on a microtonal notation system based on 96-EDO for persian music and on a model for tuning systems classification based on divisions of octavic or nonoctavic musical scales and systems.

    Shaahin mohajeri believes that 96-EDO is a good system for intervallic structure of persian music with more accurate estimation than ali naqi vaziri's 24-EDO system.Now,He is working on a microtonal notation system based on 96-EDO for persian music and on a model for tuning systems classification based on divisions of octavic or nonoctavic musical scales and systems.

    Aaron krister johnson in his interview with tokafi talked about microtonalists and me : ......You even see interest in this as well with very talented individuals from the Middle East such as

    such as Shaahin Mohaajeri...

    He believes that beethoven and debussy have great effect on his musical understanding .The best sentences to explain can be borrowed from A piano method by Claude Debussy:

  •  Wanting something more than performing and playing

    . Deepening and giving life to tombak-music and its interpretation by personal feelings   bringing to it

    . Importance of freedom , imagination and a form so free that playing would sound improvised

    . Considering flowing rhythm , rhythms must not be contained within bars

    .It is necessary for player to abandon himself completely, and let the music do as it will with him - to be a vessel through which it passes

    . it is important that the music doesn't become stiff and mechanic. It should flow freely and naturally

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