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the following are some random photos fromIran, my Beautiful Country.

Cottage in northern Iran

Izeh - South Western Iran

Layalestan - Gilan, Northern Iran

Bagh-e Eram Palace & Gardens - Shiraz, Fars Province

Oroomieh Lake - North Western Iran

a Winter night in Isfahan, near si-o-se pol

Marble Palace - Tehran

Vank Cathedral - Isfahan

Baghe Shazdeh - Kerman Province

Waterfalls near Shiraz

Chehel Sotoun Palace Pavilion, Isfahan

Aali Qaapou; West of Naqsh-i Jahan Square - Isfahan

Lahijan - Guilan Province , Iran

Asalem - Khalkhal - Northern Iran

Niasar - Kashan , Isfahan Province 

Mansion in Mazanderan - Northern Iran

Pear Orchard - Shiraz

Baq-i Parandegan (Bird's Park) in Isfahan

A serene Lake in Guilan, Northern Iran

Latian Lake near Tehran

Margoon waterfall - Fars Province

Outskirts of Shiraz, Fars province

Kevir - Centeral parts of Iran

Ramsar - Northern Iran

Village of Roodbarak - Norhtern Iran

White Bridge - Ahwaz, South Western Iran

Traditional Persian outdoor teahouse

Qeshm Island - southern Iran 

Sobatan Village - Ardebil

Ferdowsi Statue - Toos, Khorasan Province