About the Potato Series
The series of five picture books begins when the three friends plan a picnic (POTATO PICNIC), and realize they must expand their horizons into a much larger field if they are to have a picnic with different types of potatoes, who may eat unusual foods. This book is constructed as an alphabet book (examples posted on right).
This Potato Series is a winning one. It is both frivolous and charming, and relies heavily on language, including superb images as well as playful alliteration. These books are also incredibly profound, developing important themes of racism; jealousy; competition; identity; friendship and community. Each book demands both the character(s) and the reader to “think outside of the box,” the largest of which is the potatoes themselves-for the reader to transcend the stereotypes of what children should look like and think about.


Finally, the success of the potato series is that the friends learn to wrestle with various conflicts, and to solve challenging dilemmas on their own. The potato series is a delightful picnic of discovery, in more ways that one! Children ages three-seven will delight in the characters, the landscape, the language and will learn important psychological lessons along the way. The readers will revel in the picnic in “Potato Paradise” where “Potatoes of all sizes baked in the sun, feasted on the food. Carl was content, just watching the faces of all the potatoes at their picnic. Xenia was right; it was a potato paradise, and the field was filled with all his favorite potatoes- Frances Fried and Brian Baked. Even Melanie Mashed had made it here. Zee-luscious!