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Photos of the visit

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NAAC Peer Team Visit 4,5 July 2011


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The NAAC Peer Team visited the College on 4 and 5 July for the second re-accreditation of the College. The Team comprised of Prof. C.R. Visweswara Rao, VIce-Chancellor, Vikrrama Simhapuri University, Nellore, A.P., Prof. Mamata Satapathy, UGC Professor Emeritus and Former Professor, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa and Prof. Amrita Patel, Principal, Uma Arts and Nathiba Commerce Mahila College, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Photos of the visit will be put up soon.

Mock Visit

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A Mock Visit by a team of experts as preparation for the NAAC team visit has been scheduled for Thursday 23 July.The Mock Visit team will comprise of Dr. John Kattakkayam, Former Director, ASC, University of Kerala, and Prof (Mrs) Sarabhai, Former Professor and Syndicate Member of MS University, Tamil Nadu. All Departments are to prepare for this Mock Visit.

NAAC team visit announced

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A sub-committee of the IQAC met as planned on 2 June, where steps were initiated to expedite the collection of the feedback.

The important news is that the NAAC peer team for the second re-reaccreditation of MIC will be visiting the college on 4 and 5 July, 2011.


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The last meeting of the IQAC was held on Monday 28 March 2011. The members of the IQAC wished the Principal a fond farewell, as he was retiring from service on 31 March.

Third Meeting

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The third meeting of the IQAC was held on Wednesday 2 February, 2011. The minutes of the meeting will be available on the website shortly.

Upto Christmas

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The Feedback form for parents was given to Faculty Advisors before the Open House sessions. They were collected from them before the Christmas vacation; they will be analysed and the findings shared with the members of IQAC, which will decide on how to take action on the basis of the findings.

The second meeting of the IQAC was held on November 29; for the minutes of the meeting please go the files page.

October 4

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The feedback form for parents was handed over to Mr. K.M Francis of the department of Economics on October 4 as they they had the first Open House for the parents of the III DC class on October 5. Forms were made available to the parents in both English and Malayalam. The English version is archived in the FILES page; the Malayalam version will also be put up shortly. The forms will be handed over to the Heads of all other departments as and when they have their Open House sessions.

27 September

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The first meeting of the reconstituted IQAC was held today at 2.30 pm in the Conference Hall. The minutes of the meeting can be found in the FILES page.

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