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Vendex Shrine

As far as I am concerned there was only ever one IBM PC compatible, and it was the Vendex Headstart Turbo-888 XT with a whopping 20 megabyte harddrive, 512K ram, a single 360K 5.25" floppy drive.  I remember that the first day I got it I decided to play with FDISK and erased the MBR.  I didn't have the heart to tell my Dad, and then I told him, and he said "well, try to fix it."  I went back and used FDISK again and used the Boot Disk (I think it was #1 and Red) from my trusty MS-DOS 3.2 and recovered it.  It was awesome.  My dad used Lotus 1-2-3 on it, and for me, it was what moved me off of the Commodore 64.  Oh what that boy would think of me now.  (Probably angry that I still fiddle with the old stuff instead of new things frankly.)  At some point I managed to get a 2400 baud modem for the machine and it faithfully hosted a BBS on a dedicated line that my parents got for me.  There was no texting, so, a phone line to yourself was a real benefit for a teenager, so, it was typically very busy.  But Global War, and waiting until midnight for your turn, what fun.  I really wish I could find one of these at some point, as it would likely find a vaunted position in my collection.

Here is a commercial from the 80's with King Kong Bundy.  The version pictured has two 360K floppy drives, so I think my Dad must have sprung for the hard drive.  My understanding is that the computer cost around $2,000.

Headstart Commercial

This is every picture I can find on-line.  They are NEVER for sale on e-Bay or elsewhere.