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(this phrase is arguably attributed to Plato;  it is a mnemonic rule for π = 3.14159...) 






    • Here is a popular science  article I wrote on Kurt Godel  (relation between theology and mathematical logic, in English, pdf file, 6 pages); this is the Greek translation (12 pages, contains some additional comments on Orthodox Christian Theology).


    • Moreover this is a popular science  article I wrote on the relation between theology and cosmology (in English, pdf file, 7 pages); this is the Greek translation (11 pages, contains some additional  remarks).




    • If cars were not one of the major pollutants and  if  I were a millionaire, I would love to buy a  Bugatti Veyron (although TGV  in France can travel even faster!)


    • I have written a number of comments on various topics at the 4 wheels (4T) magazine forum-not necessarily related to cars-a selection of which can be found here (in Greek).





    • Surface Topology (and the Boy Surface in particular)has many interesting and perhaps unexpected non-mathematical applications, ranging from occupant car protection at crash tests (go to MFO and click onto Boy Surface on the left), to psychology and psychoanalysis (Lacanian Topology); see also the Seminars of Jacques Lacan and the notion of Sinthome.




    • Despite of being clearly unethical (not only accoding to the christian faith but also according to all other major religions), of arguable scientific value and not essential since there are other techniques for creating stem cells like pluripotency which avoid all moral issues, unfortunately the British Parliament voted against a ban on hybrid human animal embryos...


    • Have a look at an interesting scientific review article to see why Charles Darwin was wrong on his idea for a tree of life  to   explain the evolutionary relationships between different species; this tree of life idea was absolutely central to Darwin's thinking, equal in importance to natural selection (his explanation was evolution by natural selection).


    • Have a look at the letter sent recently to the US president Barack Obama by more than 350 classical scholars from around the world (including professors of antiquity from the Universities of Berkeley, Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Stanford etc), concerning the history of Macedonia.



    • Here is an interesting article from the greek press.



    • "ΑΓΕΩΜΕΤΡΗΤΟΣ ΜΗ ΕΙΣΙΤΩ", (motto of the  AMS).

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    This is the personal web-page of  Dr Ioannis P. Zois


     Brief CV:

     My Mathematics Genealogy: I was a student of (among others), Alain Connes (student of Jacques Dixmier), Simon Donaldson (student of  Sir Michael Atiyah-Fields Medal 1966- and Nigel Hitchin-also a student of M.F. Atiyah; M.F.  Atiyah  was a student of William V. D. Hodge), Stephen Hawking (student of Dennis Sciama who was a student of  Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac-Nobel Laureate in Physics 1933), Sir Roger Penrose (student  of  W.V.D Hodge and  Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac), Dan Quillen (student of Raoul Bott) and Sheung-Tsun Tsou (student of Jacques Dixmier).


     One can see my D.Phil (doctoral) thesis online here (by courtesy of the Bodleian Library, Oxford).

     One can have a look at a non-technical description of my most important published scientific articles here (in Greek, original research, physics oriented description). For a mathematically oriented description one can see here.

     One can have a look at a recent seminar  I gave at the Physics Department of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

     Contacts: You can contact me via one of the following e-mail addresses:





     Various academic related issues: 


     Oxford University tops the 2017 world university ranking. For research at UK universities you can also have a look at the Research Assessment Exercise.

    Read about the Nobel Prize in Physics 2008 awarded to the scientists who discovered spontaneous symmetry breaking in subatomic particles and predicted the third generation of quarks. This phenomenon is relevant to the  experiments planned on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN for the discovery of the Higgs boson (find more about the Higg's mechanism).

    Since 1958, IHES has given to the world 7 Fields Medalists in mathematics (Thom, Grothendieck, Deligne, Connes, Bourgain, Kontsevich, Lafforgue), probably more than any other research institute on earth  for the same period. (Some other counts raise this number to 13 including Schwartz, Serre, Lions, Yoccoz,  Werner & Villani-one of the 2010 recipients).  Some of them are currently at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in Princeton, USA. Here you can find some information about the Fields Medal (this is the most prestigeous international award on mathematics, awarded every 4 years by the International Mathematical Union to mathematicians not over 40 years of age; it is roughly considered as  the analogue of the Nobel Prize in mathematics since there was no mention of mathematics in Alfred Nobel's will).

    The Abel Prize 2009 in mathematics has been awarded to Mikhail Gromov of IHES.

    The Abel Prize 2016 was awarded to Sir Andrew Wiles from Oxford University for his stunning proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

     A state of matter called spin ice was discovered in Oxford which has many similarities with magnetic monopoles.

     Greek-Cypriot Christopher A. Pissarides, Professor of Economics at the LSE shared the 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics. You may read one of his articles on the greek financial crisis (in greek) here http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_economy_100048_12/10/2010_418274
    The Nobel Prize for Physics  2013 was awarded to Peter W. Higgs (UK) and  Francois Englert (Belgium) "for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider".


    Student Issues (Spring  Semester 2015)