The development of an Arctic ice stream-dominated sedimentary system: The southern Svalbard continental margin
Project objective: to understand of the evolution of glacial continental margins and the relationships with the changes in ice sheet dynamics induced by climatic changes.
Project founding principles:  During glacial periods, when the sea level was on average 120 m lower than it is today, the polar ice sheets expanded from the continental areas to the now submerged continental shelves, with their base grounded on the seafloor at times during glacial maxima reaching out to the continental shelf edge. Ice streams, the fast flowing parts of the grounded ice, have shaped the seafloor with glacial lineations and other mega-scale morphologic imprints. Such morphologic signature, and the marine sediments associated with them retain the information on the past ice sheet dynamics during glacial advances, on the dynamics of glacial retreat during periods of deglaciation, and on the associated paleo-oceanographic conditions.
Project methodology: Field data acquisition with multibeam swath mapping, sub-bottom profiling, seismic reflection profiling, and sediment coring.
Project duration: 2006-2010
Project PI: Angelo Camerlenghi, ICREA Research Professor at the University of Barcelona
Participating Institutions: ICREA (Barcelona, Spain), University of Barcelona, GRC Marine Geosciences (Spain), University of Salamanca (Spain),
Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDÆA) - CSIC (Spain), Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS), Trieste (Italy), University of Tromsø (Norway), Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e di Vulcanologia (INGV), Rome (Italy).
Main active investigators:
Angelo Camerlenghi (ICREA and University of Barcelona), coordination
Renata Giulia Lucchi (University of Barcelona), sedimentology, geochemistry
Mayte Pedrosa Gonzalez (University of Barcelona), Doctorate Student, seafloor morphology and seismics
Ben de Mol (Science Parc of the University of Barcelona), geophysical data management
Roger Urgeles (presently a the Institute of Marine Sciences, CSIC, Barcelona), seafloor morphology and marine geotechnology
Isabel Cacho (University of Barcelona), paleoceanography, stable isotope geochemistry and trace elements
Belén Martrat (University of Barcelona and IDÆA), biomarkers and organic geochemistry
Elena Colmenero (University of Salamanca), paleoceanography, nannofossils
José Abel Flores (University of Salamanca), paleoceanography, nannofossils
Francisco J. Sierro (University of Salamanca), paleoceanography, foraminifera
Michele Rebesco (OGS) seismic stratigraphy
Andrea Caburlotto (OGS) Sedimentology
Leonardo Sagnotti (INGV) geomognetism
Patrizia Macrì
(INGV) geomognetism
Karin Andreassen (University of Tromsø), sesimci data analysis and geomorphology
Monica Winsborrow (University of Tromsø), geomorphology
Jan Sverre Laberg (University of Tromsø), seismic stratigraphy ans sedimentary processes