Free desktop IP Whois Utility 

IPWHOIS: List contact information for an IP address

Click to download the IPWhois Lookup utility V01.

 [51kb only! Opens in new window]


  • Enter the IP address in box and press enter to get the contact information.
  • You may copy the results as in every other Windows application
  • You can check for new version by clicking "Check For Latest Version" .
  • Please refrain from making thousand of queries using automation tools. The whois server will block your IP and will prevent you from using this software.


1.How do I install this software?

Extract the zip file contents in a directory and run it from there.

2. How do I uninstall this software?

Delete the two files that were extracted when you installed it.

(see question no.1)

3. Does it modify the registry or the system directory?

No modification of the registry or any other directory except the one you install it to.

4 What are the system requirements?

Tested on Windows XP SP2. Most probably works in Win 2000 and Vista. Please don't use in Win 98, Windows Millennium or earlier.

5. Does it collect or send any information?

The software connects to the whois server and sends the IP you entered in the box. Also when you click the "check for latest version link" it opens this page in your default browser. No other connections are made or any other information is send.

6. What is this console window that opens behind the main window?

This is due to compiler limitation and it does not affect the functionality of this software.


  • Use at your own risk.
  • File has been virus checked. Check with your own virus scanner as you should do with every file downloaded from internet.
  • No liability is assumed by the author for any damages arising in any way out of the use of this software.

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