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It's sometimes called IP video, Internet video, online video, over-the-top, smart TV and even TV 2.0 -- regardless, the traditional broadcast television and pay-TV business is being transformed by the availability of a multitude of new IP-based video entertainment and news offerings.

Overwhelmed by the choice of video content? Tired of the endless search for something relevant and meaningful to watch?

There's a better way to find the video content that you crave. Unlike the legacy TV experience, now you only need one channel -- your personalized video curator.
  • Discover: the latest and best-fit videos, based upon your user persona
  • Watch: the video that's pushed to your dynamically aggregated personal channel
  • Share: your reviewed videostream with a trusted social network of friends and family
  • Interact: with your own unique, and yet like-minded, online video community of interest
Unfortunately, the ultimate video discovery, playlist maker, reviews guide and customizable dashboard doesn't exist yet -- but, perhaps we're getting very close to that objective.

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We've researched the available video aggregation and filtering technology applications and have compiled a list of online resources for you to trial and experience.

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