Google Sites Portfolio Assignment

Requirements for Creating Your Google Sites Portfolio (Week 1)  


For this assignment you will create your Google Sites portfolio. By the end of the semester, this portfolio will contain samples of your plans and projects for enhancing instruction with technology. Once the class is finished, the portfolio is meant to be read by prospective employers to evaluate you as a candidate for a teaching position.


The three requirements for this assignment are:

1. Create your web-based portfolio using Google Sites
Create five pages in your web site during Week 1.
  • Home or front page-write a paragraph to introduce yourself including a picture you have creatively edited using or other photo editing tool. (Instructions for creating your Google account if you do not already have one.)
  • Second page called "TPACK" (you will add information to this page later in the semester but for now just save it blank).
  • Third page called "Education Resources" where you will include Web tools you find that may be useful in your teaching (See Resources below for a mind map of Web web sites).
    • Use the mind map in Resources below to find and explore several Web resources.
    • Choose three of the Web tools you explored.
    • Copy the links to the three tools into the Education Resources page.
    • Include a brief description of three Web tools.
    • Include an explanation of how you could use each of the three tools in your classroom.
    • We encourage you to use headings and space the content appropriately.
  • Fourth page called "Course Links."
    • Include all of your group members Google Sites URLs on this page.
    • Include the group member's name along with the link to their Google site.
    • Put a header in front of the group list and another header in front of the Course Links list. 
    • Space the content appropriately.
    • Insert the course links below so you have quick access to these resources.
Course Home Page (this web page is the class home page)
Tutorials, (this website contains materials and tutorials to complete the assignments)
BYU Gradebook (this is the BYU gradebook we will be using for the class)
Digital Dialog (this is the BYU website where you will do your video reflections)
Links to the first five pages outlined above should be made available in the side bar of your Google Sites portfolio

Here is an example site to look at EXAMPLE SITE  

See the resources below for instructions on creating your Google Sites portfolio

2. Edit the sidebar

  • Insert links to all of the Google Site pages you have created into the sidebar of your web-based portfolio. Depending on your settings Google Earth may have automatically done this for you.
3. Submit your Google Sites website URL in BYU Gradebook.  


1. Explore Web 2.0 Tools

Use the mind mapping tool below to explore Web tools that you might be able to use in your teaching. The links to three of these resources will be added to your Education Resources page as outlined under Requirements above.

To see more resources, click on the map and drag it around the window.

Click on the little arrow next to the tool name for a link to the website for the tool.

Explore several different tools and then select three to include on your Education Resources page. Most of the tools have their own tutorials and are pretty self-explanatory since they were created for non-technical people to use.

2. Obtain and embed course calendar
Video of how to obtain the course calendar from BYU gradebook and embed it in you Web site.
3. Additional tutorials