This book was originally written to accompany a series of recorded lectures, on a CD (which tells you how long ago it must have been) , published by Semple Piggot Rochez under the title "Law in a Box". In that form it went through two editions, and now I present an online edition which, if I am diligent, will never go out of date.

I have written this book primarily for undergraduates studying intellectual property, some of whom I have the pleasure of teaching. No doubt graduate students will also find a textbook on the subject helpful, and it might also help qualified lawyers who need an introduction to the subject.

Later, there will be an e-book version for which I will make another modest charge - justified, I hope, by the convenience of the format over a web-based work, although it won't stay up-to-date quite as well as these pages.

If you have any queries about this, please drop me an email: peter@ipsojure.co.uk.

Use the links to the different chapters in the sidebar (over to the left) to navigate your way around. Enjoy the book!