Centrum Carolina Counseling Centre

What is Centrum Carolina?

Our counseling office is part of bigger unit within Charles University called UK POINT, it provides information and practical support to people interested in studying at university as well to the current and former students of all its faculties. These services are aslo available to international students. For more information, please, go to: www.centrumcarolina.cuni.cz/CC-32.html

What do we offer?

The purpose of this page to provide information to international students of Charles University who are interested in receiving psychological counseling in English. This service is available to all students free of charge. Currently, we offer individual counseling sessions and a group activity in English during spring and fall semester.

Currently, we offer meeting in persons as well as online consultations.

When and Where?

Every Friday from 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM at the following address:

Školská # 13a

Prague 1, 110 00

To make an appointment, please to go to how to make an appointment page.

For more information you can email us at counsel@ruk.cuni.cz.

Looking forward to meeting you

Milan Polak, MSc.