Annual Iberian Dance Weekend

PS This event is essentially full (c. 165 participants) *but* as at 13th November the waiting list has been cleared and so if there are cancellations, it may still be possible to get a place. Please write to the organizers at scdlapa (a) if you are interested in going, but *do not make any travel arrangements* unless you are sure you will get a place.

The Lisbon-Lapa Scottish Country Dancing group are the hosts of the 24th IBERIAN GATHERING – ALGARVE 2018 from  Friday, 16th March to Sunday, 18th March 2018. The event will be held at the 5-star “Grande Real Santa Eulalia Resort & Hotel Spa” where there is a large room with a good wooden floor, a rarity around these parts! The cost for the whole weekend (2 nights, 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners with drinks included, 2 balls, walkthroughs and 2 classes) is 235€ *per person* in a double room and 320€ for a single room (prices confirmed). There is ample free parking in the hotel grounds. The bank is Luke Brady’s band, and the teacher, Antoine Rousseau. 

Dancers based in Spain and Portugal should book via their group leaders, and should pay their deposit (100 euros per dancer) via their group leaders. Group leaders should transfer the deposits in time to arrive at the bank account specified by the organisers by 22nd October, and the balance of the money by 22nd January. Dancers from outside Iberia may contact the organisers via scdlapa (a) to check the situation re the waiting list (see note at the top of this page!!)  

The dance programmes for the Weekend are on the strathspey server:

Friday ball:

Saturday ball:

If you click on "cribs" you will be able to download the cribs for the dances as a pdf file, and if you like diagrams, tick the diagram box before you download and diagrams will be included in the pdf too. The same goes for any notes about the dances (tick the box if you want them).

If you click on "videos", you should be able to access videos for the dances. Some videos were missing but the Lapa group has video'd the missing dances and they are now there! 

Algarve is famous for its historical towns (Tavira, Silves, Lagos), its beaches and its gastronomy based on local products (fish, almonds, figs…). The airport is 20/30 min. distance from the Hotel. There are good freeways all the way along. The Lapa group looks forward to welcoming you to the Algarve in March 2018 !

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