Annual Iberian Dance Weekend

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ÉVORA, 12-14 MARCH 2021 

Update at 4th July 2020: We are happy to say we have 152 people pre-registered for the Weekend, including a few non-dancers. To be sure of your place, please pre-register, as our limit for the Weekend is around 160. For more information regarding pre-registration, registration, payment deadlines and our cancellation policy, please scroll down to the relevant sections below.

The dance programme is ready! Scroll to the bottom of this page for details! 

The Lisbon-Telheiras group will be the hosts of the 27th Iberian Gathering of Scottish Country Dance in Évora from Friday, March 12th to Sunday March 14th 2021

Contact: Roger Picken and Sue Willdig, suerog (a)

About the Location: Évora is a World Heritage site and university city in southern Portugal, about 130 kilometres east of Lisbon. It has a beautiful historic centre, including some famous sites like the Roman Temple and the Chapel of the Bones, and a spectacular prehistoric monument only 15 km away, the Cromlech of the Almendres, parts of which are 8000 years old. Évora can be reached by over 20 coaches a day from the main Lisbon coach station at Sete Rios (about 10 minutes by taxi from the airport). The coach journey takes about 1 hour 40 minutes and costs around 20 euros return; the coach terminus is right opposite the venue hotel (see below). There are also about 4 trains a day to and from Évora, but the station is some way from the hotel (a taxi is the best option from the train station).

Our hotel: The hotel is the 4-star Vale Galé hotel just outside the old city walls. It has a 475m2 ballroom with no pillars and a high ceiling. The floor is vinyl, and was considered to be quite good by Scottish dancers at a previous event in the hotel (they thought it was wood!). We have tried it out and consider it to be acceptable, if a little too non-slip for our taste (we suggest bring your most slippery shoes!)  The hotel has its own underground car park, which participants in the weekend can use at the special price of 5 euros a day (the usual price is 7,50 euros). There is also free parking on land nearby, and also at the nearby coach station.

Besides a large outdoor pool (which could be a touch cold in March!), the hotel we have chosen has an indoor pool, Turkish bath and sauna, all of which can be used by hotel guests free of charge. These indoor facilities are a rather small, but they do exist, and we tried them out on our visit to the hotel last August. The hotel's official site has lots of information about the facilities, and includes this lovely video with aerial views of the city

Teachers and musicians: Andrew Nolan (Edinburgh), Ramona Zohm (Munich) and Matthias Rank (Munich). Andrew Nolan is coming both as a musician (pianist) and as one of our teachers. Andrew has played often at summer school at St. Andrews and was on the list of teachers for summer school 2020 (which sadly was cancelled due to Covid-19!). Our other teacher is Ramona Zohm, who has taught at events in various European countries. Her husband, Matthias Rank, is our fiddler, and has played at numerous weekend events, including major ones like the Bonn Spring Fling. Our piper for the Grand March will be Malcolm McGillivray, who will be joining us from the Algarve.

Price for the weekend: 220€ per person in a double room and 300€ per person in a single room. Prices per adult in a family room (two adults and two children under 12) can be given on request. As at most Iberian Weekends, this price includes 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast at the hotel, 2 buffet dinners with all drinks, 2 classes with live music, 2 evening dances, and 2 walkthroughs. Lunch is *not* included.

We are also arranging an optional two-hour excursion on Saturday afternoon to see the prehistoric monuments, with the archeologist Maria Carvalho of Ebora Megalithica This will be a shortened version of his usual tour, in order to get people back in time for the walkthrough! The price will depend on whether you go in the guide’s minibus or simply follow the bus in your own car. We also plan to check out the various walking tours which are available in Évora so as to be able to give recommendations. We will publish more details of these activities later on.

Extra nights:  Curiously, the price of extra nights (bed and breakfast) at the hotel is the same regardless of whether it is one person staying in a single room or two people staying in a double room. That price is 89 euros per night (so 44,50 each for people sharing). There are also family rooms available; we can give the prices on request. Participants should book their own extra nights with the hotel, explaining that they will be attending the Scottish dance weekend. The email address for this is evora.grupos (a)  We are thinking of setting up an extra activity for the Thursday night before the Weekend, e.g. a Portuguese folk dance class, so maybe you could let us know if you are thinking of coming a day early.

Pre-registration, registration and payment:  This is all organized via the leaders of the various Iberian groups, in order to streamline the work involved for the host group. Therefore all “non-Iberians” are kindly requested to associate themselves with one or other of the Iberian groups in order to register for the Weekend and make their payments.A list of all the Iberian groups on the following page of this website

"Pre-registration" is an expression of interest in coming. Payment to confirm that interest occurs in October 2020 and January 2021. The payment deadlines are:

October 20th, 2020 for the deposits of 100 euros per person (regardless of whether the person is sharing a room or having a room to themselves)

January 20th, 2021 for the balance of the money (to make up the total price of 220€ per person in a double room and 300€ in a single room).

Cancellation policy and contingency plan:

We will be reviewing the public health and bookings situation in early October, and again in early January, namely before the two major payment dates, and will negotiate with the hotel for a one-year postponement if the event does not seem viable for the existing planned dates of 12th-14th March 2021. Please bear this in mind if you are booking flights.

With regard to any money already paid by participants, our policy will be as follows:

- individual cancellations made before 3rd Feb 2021 for any reason: full refund;

- individual cancellations between 4th Feb and 26th Feb 2021: a full refund if a replacement participant can be found, otherwise a partial refund of at least 75%, assuming no more than 15 participants cancel in this period;
- cancellations after 26th Feb 2021: a full refund if a replacement participant can be found, otherwise we will do our best to give a partial refund, but the amount might only be known, and therefore only be refunded, after the conclusion of the event..

- in the case of postponement of event until 2022 (final decision be taken in early January 2021, at the latest): choice of full refund or carryover of money paid to the 2022 event;

Dance programme: This is now ready! It is true that we are still awaiting the complete crib for a completely new dance (a 3x32 bar strathspey) which is on the programme, but we will add it as soon as possible. There are links to the strathspey server below, from which you can access videos and further information about the dances. If you just want the cribs and diagrams, then the pdfs at the bottom of this page are all you need. 

Link for Friday programme:

Link for Saturday programme:
Iberian Peninsula SCD Group,
8 Jun 2020, 09:28
Iberian Peninsula SCD Group,
8 Jun 2020, 09:28