Tantric Kriya Yoga

    Workshops, Mentoring and Coaching for Singles and Couples, including a Teacher Training Programme
    Upcoming events:

     The next Ipsalu Tantra level 1 workshop in the UK will be on May 2-4 in Gloucestershire.  Contact   Ipsalu_Tantra for more information ( or call Gerry on 01453 519682 or 07796591071(M).

    We have announced a Level 3 workshop in Somerset on August 1-8, 2014.

    Contact   Ipsalu_Tantra for more information on anything on this website.

     Please see the Workshops and Events page for a full list of workshops.


    We are now able to offer the ability to buy Ipsalu Tantra books and other products off this website. Please see the 'Buy Products' page.

    The Art and Science of Tantra Kriya Yoga including taught transmission of Cobra Breath levels 1 to 4 

    set in the context of a paradigm for conscious living, honouring feminine and masculine as a dynamic partnership in relationship to all of life. Our aim is to help people towards a new way of being that includes expanded consciousness, energy awareness, greater alignment with life purpose and improved relationships - living with heart and passion.

    We offer transformational workshops and coaching programmes, including a NEW online mentoring class that includes initiation into Level 1 Cobra breath.

    The Tantric paradigm is both ancient and new. Full of paradox and empty of dogma it is said to be the short path that leads a practitioner beyond the trials and tribulations of duality to liberation and enlightenment. Tantra practice integrates body, mind and soul, utilizing the senses, sexuality and emotions to facilitate spiritual development. Expanding awareness/consciousness brings understanding of the difference between the limitations of ego and the perfection of the divine in ourselves, our partners, in all people and all other forms of life. It becomes more possible to let go of attempts to control and rest in the flow of life accepting that ‘everything is perfect’.The practices of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga are effective and safe enabling deep and powerful emotional work that transforms the past and enables access to the bliss of living in the eternal now.

    The key to the power of Ipsalu Tantra is the Cosmic Cobra Breath . This ancient practice was a long held secret and still is an initiation that can be received only by personal instruction. Advancing levels of Cobra Breath are taught as students progress with the preparations of mind and body that facilitate safe movement of kundalini energy, the agent for spiritual evolution and higher levels of consciousness.

    Singles and couples are welcome. The main training is a progressive series of workshops, Ipsalu Tantra training Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. There are also many other workshops offered by qualifed teachers as well as evening events. And, there is a series of trainings for those who want to train as Ipsalu Tantra teachers.

    The first level of initiation - the Ipsalu Tantra Cobra Breath 1 - is through the Ipsalu Tantra Level 1 course - Learning to Live in Bliss or through the Ipsalu Tantra mentoring programme.

    If the following things are important to you then please contact us to begin your Ipsalu Tantra journey.

    - Consciousness growth

    - Living from the heart - the opening of the Chakras including practices for transforming past trauma.

    -Honouring sexual energy and the sacred nature of sexuality. Finding the middle ground
    between suppression and chaotic expression.

    -Learning to direct sexual energy with the power of conscious choice.

    -Learning true intimacy, blending heart, mind and sex.

    -Balancing emotions and enhanced emotional intelligence.

    - Balancing and integrating inner feminine and inner masculine.

    -Joy and celebration of of life.

    -Increased vitality and self healing.

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