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CALL FOR PAPER PROPOSALS: Pre-APSA Workshop: "Challenges of Electoral Integrity" and "Using expert surveys"

posted May 13, 2016, 5:26 PM by Pippa Norris

Wednesday 31 Aug 2016, APSA Annual Meeting, Philadelphia

The 9th EIP Workshop includes a morning session featuring two open EIP panels on 'Challenges of Electoral Integrity'. 

Two afternoon session, organized by EIP and V-Dem, focuses on 'The construction and use of expert indicators in the social sciences: Challenges of validity, reliability and legitimacy.'

The submission of paper proposals for both sessions have been extended Deadline: 1 June 2016.
Indices and data-sets derived from expert surveys are increasingly used in comparative social science by private sector organizations, in evaluation research, and among NGOs and policy makers. 
Yet we still lack a common methodology to construct such surveys, as well as agreed technical standards and codes of good practice. For this afternoon workshop, we call for papers that use expert surveys to develop new ways of testing the validity of expert survey data; use meta-analysis to compare expert perceptual surveys standards, methods, and techniques in terms of validity, reliability and legitimacy to other sources of information; or propose codes of conduct and good practice for conducting expert surveys. Read more here.