Welcome to the IPSA Research Committee 23 on Elections, Citizens and Parties (IPSA-ECP)

Our mission

IPSA-ECP focuses on the analysis of elections and electoral systems, citizen activism, and political parties, within and across nation-states.   In a world rapidly moving towards elections as the main channel of political legitimacy for regimes worldwide, where the study of elections and parties is now truly global, the aim to advance scholarly research and scientific inquiry on elections, citizens and parties. Our aims are:
  • To identify common areas of scientific research on elections, citizens and parties;
  • To share information and exchange ideas on these subjects across national boundaries; 
  • To strengthen opportunities for future cooperation and scholarly collaboration around the world;
  • To stimulate understanding of elections, citizens and parties through activities such as organizing electronic networks, workshops, conferences, and publications.
We are a scholarly research committee organized within the International Political Science Association

The next major event will be the IPSA 24th World Congress in Poznan, Poland from 23-28 July 2016 featuring the series of IPSA-ECP general panels, the business meeting,  a pre-IPSA Workshop, and a social reception for members.  

We also greatly look forward to the subsequent IPSA World Congress meeting in Brisbane, Australia in 2018.

Peter Siavelis (Chair 2014-2016)

Pre-IPSA Workshop on contentious elections 

The pre-IPSA workshop, on "CONTENTIOUS ELECTIONS, CONFLICT AND REGIME TRANSITIONS", co-organized with IPSA-ECP, the Electoral Integrity Project,  and International IDEA, will meet in Poznan, Poland from 8.30am to 7pm on Saturday 23 July 2016, before the IPSA World Congress. 

You can download the updated program with paper abstracts. The event will provide refreshments, buffet lunch, and an early evening drinks reception. There are no fees but you must register to participate and confirm meals requirements (Deadline 1 June 2016). More details here.

IPSA-ECP in Poznan 23-28 July 2016

The IPSA-ECP program for the IPSA 24th World Congress in Poznan, Poland have now been finalized by the program chair, Prof. Eric Belanger. The ECP research committee features a wide range of over two dozen panels, each presenting scientific research papers. Click here for complete listing of panels. 

In addition, IPSA-ECP will hold its business meeting to discuss activities and elect new officers. Please contact the chair if you would like to stand for election or nominate colleagues for executive office.

All members of the research committee are also warmly welcome to attend a social reception with drinks and canapes, co-organized in conjunction with colleagues from the World Values Survey. 

If not yet a member, you are invited to join this lively community of scholars and to come to all our events in Poznan! There is no membership fee so just sign up online to be added to our communication network and notification of future events. We have over 400 members active via Facebook (see membership).