Smartphone Pocket Lab: MOOC SPL

The MOOC (Massive Open On line Course) 

is now open for registration on the platform FUN

MOOC Trailer:

In the the MOOC Smartphone Pocket Lab, you do experiments. 

You collect smartphone data and you send them to a laptop. 
Below are the tools we use to transfer data in this MOOC.

- Streaming: 
Software and Android App for real time data transfer, WIFI transfer and representation on laptop screen:

- Acquisition: 
Android applications to collect smartphone data:

Harness the Power of Mobile Sensors


Vieyra Software aims to make data collection accessible to anyone who owns a modern Android device. Mobile devices now make sensitive data collection available to nearly anyone who owns a smart phone or tablet. Without any extra expensive or single-use technology or probeware, users can collect and analyze data for recreational, educational, or scientific purposes.