Made in China brings all to people, even their death.

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One of the largest arms expolters in the world, China, recently has been issued about Arms business between Sudan and other African areas. Although the Chinese business development is remakable recently, the issue behind the development should be more critical. So that the public called the Baijin Olympic 2008 call "Blood Olumpic. " All money to the development does seem to be clearn no longer.

 It is easily to find Chinese weapons all over the conflict zones. Such as Type-56 assult rilfes, are seen in Columbia. Type-62 tanks in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Myanmer, and other conflicts zone in Africa.

  Cheap weapons made in China is always welcomed by these countries. Rwanada massacules in 1994, rebels used made-in-china knives to chop people's heads off.

  Recent critical point that wise people should not forget or ignore is that Chinese weapons are far developed than back 1950s. Besides, the weapons are used as foreign currency to the developping countries. According to my recent research, I found out the fact that China constructed a natural gas pipline through Myamner to India ocean.  It is true that the norht part of Myanmer is unstable due to anti-government lebel. People needs to keep watch relationship between the Natural gas pipline  and Arms trade.

  Because Chinese government and arms dealers do not want to have peace, but keep them to kill each other. That is the norm of international Arms Dealers. Suck their money and blood as much as they want in order to saticefied their wallet and appetite.

 All information at the Database is based on Stockholem International Peace Research, generated in 2007 June 11.    


Buyers line up for China's arms
by BBC NEWS on June 16, 2006