Analytical Strategies and Cognitive Resonant

Prakash Sinha and Sukanya Sharma

Ancient Southeast Asian Hindu and Buddhist Art: Supporting Methodological Innovation

Ashley Thompson and Tran Ky Phuong

Caught in the Middle Range: Adventures in Foodways from Print-outs to Practices

Amy Jordan and Michelle S. Eusebio

Central Vietnam: Recent Discoveries on Champa Archaeology and the Exhibition of the Cham Sculpture Collection in Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities Museum

Huynh Thi Anh Van and Tran Ky Phuong

Changing Paradigms in Asian Paleoanthropology: Papers in Honor of Robin W. Dennell

Parth R. Chauhan and Gao Xing

Connecting The Dots: The Past of the Maluku Archipelago in a Multidisciplinary Perspective

Marlon Ririmasse and Peter Lape

Bronze Drums as Cultural Heritage in Contemporary Southeast Asia

Anna Karlström

Current Research and New Perspectives on the Plain of Jars of Laos 

Lia Genovese

The National Museum and Its Current Researches

Mary Jane Louise A. Bolunia and Marian Reyes-Magloyuan

Dispersal Barriers into Southeast Asia During the Late Pleistocene

Fabrice Demeter and Christopher Bae

Displaying Archaeology: Recent Developments and Trends in Archaeological Exhibitions

J. Eleazar R. Bersales

Early Interactions Between Taiwan and the Mainland and in the Luzon Strait

Roger Blench and Frank Muyard

Geoarchaeology in the Asia-Pacific Region: Current Research and Future Directions 

Belinda Duke and Helen Lewis

Human "Modernity" in South and Southeast Asia: Recent Developments in Understanding the Timing, Material Behaviour, and Biological Affinities of Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens

Andrea Dominique Cosalan and Akash Srinivas

New Developments on Human, Culture, and Environment During Pleistocene - Holocene of Insular Southeast Asia

Sofwan Noerwidi, Hsiao Mei Goh, Vida Pervaya Rusiyanti Kusmartono, Darren Curnoe, and Anton Ferdianto

Indigenous Archaeology: Asia Pacific Case Studies

David Blundell and Frank Muyard

Integrating Local Perspectives into Southeast Asian Archaeology

Rasmi Schoocondej and Wesley Clarke

Issues and Creative Strategies in Archaeological Heritage Conservation, Education, and Management

Andrea Natasha KintanarKristine Kate LimGrace Barretto-Tesoro, and Kathleen Tantuico

Maritime Trade With/Without Complex Societies in the Indo-Pacific Region

Chung-Ching Shiung

Materialising Ritual Performance in the Australia, Pacific and Asia

Duncan Wright and Marc Oxenham

Metal Age Interactions: Northern Vietnam and Southern China

Nam C. Kim and Clémence Le Meur

Migration, Mobility and Burial Practice in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Pacific (Special Session in Memory of Prof. Yoji Aoyagi)

Rintaro Ono, Hsiao-chun HungFrederique Valentine, and  Kazuhiko Tanaka

Emerging Perspectives on Southeast Asian Settlements, Cities and Urbanism

Ben DharmendraRoland Fletcher, and Michael Leadbetter

Transition to Bronze Age Society in China

Min Li and  Li Zhang

New Research on Myanmar Art and Archaeology

Elizabeth Moore and Baptiste Pradier

Out of the Forest and into the Farmyard: Examining the Transition from Foraging to Farming in Southeast Asia.

Philip J. Piper and Lam My Dung

People and the Sea: Current Research on Maritime Interactions Between Southeast Asia and the Wider World

Jennifer Rodrigues and Abhirada Pook Komoot

Pre-Neolithic Island Southeast Asia: Linking Human-Environment Histories Across Landscapes and Seascapes

Kate A Lim and Alfred F. Pawlik

Proto History of Indonesian Archipelago and New Evidences of Its Interaction to Mainland of Asia and Southeast Asia

Eka Asih Putrina Taim and Agustjanto Indrajaja

Recent Advances in Archaeometallurgical Research in East, South, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Kalayar Myat Myat Htwe and Pira Venunan

Recent Advances in Bioarchaeological Research Across the Asia-Indo-Pacific Regions

Rebecca Kinaston, Charlotte King, Melanie Miller, Monica Tromp, and Anna Willis

Recent Advances in the Archaeology of the Western Pacific

Glenn Summerhayes, Anne Ford, and Ben Shaw

Recent Advances in the Historical Archaeology of South and West Sulawesi, Indonesia

Kathryn Wellen

Recent Progress in Paleopathology of Asia

Hisashi Fujita and Dong Hoon Shin 

Same Same But Different – Contacts Between Distant Worlds

Birte Meller, Jacobus Bracker, and Lilian Schönheit

Settlement Patterns and Cultural landscapes in the Past of Oceania

Christophe Sand and Frederique Valentin

Southeast Asian Rock Art Beyond Images

Noel Hidalgo Tan, Adhi Agus Octaviana, and Victoria Scott

The Emergence and Dispersal of Homo sapiens in Indo-Pacific Region - Digging Down the Regional Diversity and Processes in the Late Pleistocene

Yoshihiro Nishiaki, Chris Clarkson, Rintaro Ono, and Atsushi Noguchi

The History of Archaeology in the Asia-Pacific Region: Learning from our Past

Matthew Spriggs

The Movius Line 70 Years Later 

Fumiko Ikawa-Smith

The Production and Technological Exchange of Ancient Porcelains in East and Southeast Asia

Yanjun Weng and Dashu Qin

New Research on Southeast Asian Ceramics from 1st and 2nd Millennium Archaeological Sites
Janice Stargardt

Timing is Everything: Dating Key Events in Southeast Asia’s Prehistory

Kira Westaway and Julien Louys

Trafficked! New Research Defining and Exposing Southeast Asian Cultural Property Crime

Damien Huffer and Rhayan Melendres

Transmission, Transportation and Transition: The Flow of Materials and Ideas Around the South China Sea Maritime Region

Jiun-Yu Liu


What Happens After You Excavate a Site? Preliminary Examinations of Archaeological Records for Field Research

Athiwat WattanapituksakulSze Haw Liew, and Chonchanok Samrit

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