posted 18 Jun 2018, 04:46 by IPPA Secretariat   [ updated 2 Aug 2018, 06:26 ]
Dear IPPA Community

I want you all to know that our excellent Congress website and program are the work of Fredeliza Campos. When unexpected family matters forced me to step back from the hard daily work of organising these crucial foundations of the meeting, Iza selflessly took the lead right around the time she also had her first baby, beautiful Halina. She quickly created the main conference website, as we’d outgrown the temporary pages our colleagues at the Institute of Archaeology in Hanoi had so thoughtfully provided early on. She then regularly identified useful information and new features she could add to make everyone’s life much easier. I certainly couldn’t have done any of this, even if I hadn’t had to step back, as I don’t have her skills or amazing energy. In short, Iza’s leadership underpinned the success of the 2018 Congress. Her commitment deserves thanks from all of us!