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The All-in-One iPod Touch Help for Jailbreaking.

Last Updated: 9:06 p.m April 12 2008 


     Jailbreaking any iPod Touch from apple isn't smiled apon. we am not saying you should do it. We are only providing the infomation of how you would go about doing such a thing.

We pull info from the web and provide it all in one place.

Most of this isn't ours or any one person's Hacks. It is a collection of a little bit from everywhere, Thus why it's called Echo.

As you might be able to tell this is a new site.

Fans Ask Questions...

...We Provide Answers

Our Guides:


Getting to 1.1.2


Sources For Installer:

Shai's Apps




Hey Everyone!

Just to let you guys know...

This site it a Temp. We want to get a real ".com" site but they cost money and more time to get a good UI. (Make it look good and easy to use)

So before we create the official site we want to get some "viewers" and maybe a few donations to get a much better site.