• 2016 IPIS's News

Prof. Paik and IPIS members had a dining together on December 23.


Prof. Paik, alumni, and IPIS members had a 2016 year-end party on December 2.


Jiyeon Jo, Joonki Paik, Yohan No, and Sangpil Han (from left to right) have attended the 2016 IEIE Fall Conference on November 25~26 in Daegu, Korea.


Prof. Paik won a prize for outstanding research in digital imaging processing at 2016 Seoul Knowledge fair. Congraturations!


Art&Technology Exhibition was held from October 31 to November 3. Byeongho,Sangwoo, Jieun, Hasil, Seonhee, and Miri exhibited their works. After months of hard work, their efforts finally had borne fruit.


ICCE-Asia 2016 conference had been held in the Coex. Prof. Paik took the general chair in this conference. IPIS members announced their papers and studied state of the art technical topics.


2016 UIC Expo is being held at the ilsan KINTEX center from October 20 to October 22. IPIS Laboratory attends bridge festival in this exhibition and displays about MCA camera using LCD. Jinbeum Jang had an interview about this topic.


IPIS Laboratory is inviting application in spring 2017. IPIS's main research is image enhancement, restoration, super-resolution, computational photography, optical simulation, 3D image and video synthesis, video analysis and tracking. For more information, please contact us.


GTCX KOREA 2016 was held in Coex. IPIS members participated in there, and studied the recent developments and issues of deep learning and autonomous machine


At the conference on Center for Women In Science, Engineering and Technology (WISET), Jieun Jo (the second from the right), MS student in IPIS, and four undergraduate students made a presentation about project results on September 30.


Seokmok attended the VTC 2016 Montreal in Canada. He presented his research for Forward Collision Warning System(FCWS)


Sangpil, Byeongho and Hasil have attended the ICCE-Berlin and IFA. They presented their own research and have learned advanced technology.


Mikang Kim received a MS degree from the graduate school of advanced imaging science, multimedia, and film at Chung-Ang University on 26 August 2016. Congratulations on graduation!


Jinbeum, Sangwoo and Jieun participated in OSA conference 2016. They announced their own research.


IPIS members celebrated Prof. Paik's birthday. You're not getting old, you're getting better!


Prof. Paik and IPIS members have attended the 2016 IEIE summer conference on June 21~24, 2015 in Jeju island, Korea. Also Jahwan Oh, Jisun Lim, Hyunji Kim, Seoyoung Park, and Jiyeon Park have made their papers public at the conference.


Jinbeum Jang's research paper is going to be published. He has researched the depth map generation using a single image sensor. Congratulation!


Congratulations on Seungyong's Wedding! Congratulations! SeungYong Ko was married! IPIS members attended the wedding ceremony with wishing his family love and happiness. May you have many happy years together!


To celebrate Teacher's Day, Prof. Paik and IPIS members had a celebration with a delicious dinner party.


IPIS members enjoyed the culture day. We watched a movie, and had a dinner together.


Sangpil, Jieun and Seokmok participated in the workshop for autonomous driving systems. They learned about the advanced technique and future vision for the driver assistant systems at the workshop.


Prof. Paik and alumni had a meeting and They had a good time at the meeting last weekend. And Prof. Paik also recommended us to be an excellent researcher like alumni.


Younghoon Lim went back to university after a long time. He major in and has researched a technology art. IPIS welcomes return of Younghoon!


Prof. Paik and Jinbeum won a participation prize in academic excellence invention research awards ceremony from SK hynix. They have researched a CMOS image sensor field. Conguraturation!


The new semester begins on May 2, 2016. Also IPIS freshmen of this semester has started first semester. Welcome!


Image processing and computer vision technology for Vehicle system Workshop was held in Kyungpook Universitiy. IPIS members participated in there, and studied the recent developments and issues of ADAS(advanced driver assistance systems).


Wonseok Kang and Inhye Yoon received a Ph.D degree, and Jinbeum Jang and Soohwan Yu received a MS degree from the graduate school of advanced imaging science, multimedia, and film at Chung-Ang University on 19 February 2016. Congratulations!


SeungYong Ko, Inhye Yoon and Jaehoon Jung took part in LG TECHNO CONFERENCE 2016. And there, they looked up current issues of new technologies.


Prof. Paik, Inhye Yoon and Jinho Park have attended ICEIC 2016 conference conducted by IEEE in Vietnam.


Youngran had won the Best Paper Award at 2015 IEIE fall conference. She wrote a thesis on 'Adaptive Panoramic Image Generation Method Using Graph-cut in the YUV Color Space' Congratulation!


In the afternoon, IPIS members were studying and discussing their research topics. Then, they were sharing their knowledge and making plans for their own goal.


Prof. Paik, Semi Jeon, SeungYong Ko, and Jaehoon Jung have participate in ICCE 2016 conference conducted by IEEE and they have announced their papers with posters at the conference.


IPIS members held a kick-off meeting for new year. We greeted new members and shared our schedules and goals for this year.


New Year is the time to refresh love and think over new goals. May you achieve all your goals and desires and may you have a rocking new year.