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Submitted for Publication

  1. Younghoon Lim, Chulhyun Kim. Kim, and Joonki Paik, "Combined Editing and VFX Process Using Metadata for Efficient Post Production," SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal submitted for publication, 2011. (NRF, UHD)
  2. Younghoon Lim, Chulhyun Kim, Jaehyun Im, Jaehwan Jeon, and  Joonki Paik, "Optimum Image Codec and Digital Enhancement Techniques for VDSLR-Based Filmmaking (LA11-27, Lim)," SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal submitted for publication, 2011. (NRF, UHD) 
  3. Seonah Mok and Joonki Paik, "Digital Free Hugs," Leonardo, submitted for publication, 2012.
  4. Inhye Yoon, Seungwon Lee, Jinho Park, Gwang-gook Lee, and Joonki Paik, "Human Retrieval for Smart Video Surveillance Environment Using Scene Normalization,"Optik: International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, submitted for publication, July 2015. (DV, SoC, SKT)
  5. Joongchol Shin, Minseo Kim, Joonki Paik and Sangkeun Lee,"Radiance-Reflectance Combined Optimization and Structure-Guided L0-Norm for a Simgle Image Dehazing," IEEE Trans. Multimedia, submitted for publication, 2018(국방).
  6. Sijung Kim, Jinbeum Jang, and Joonki Paik, "Edge-Aware Image Filtering Using Convolutional Neural Network," IEEE Access, submitted for publication, July 2018.
  7. Younghoon Lim, and Joonki Paik, "Curation Service for Korean Independent Short Films Using Mobile Streaming," The Journal of Popular Culture submitted for publication, 2018. (CAU)
  8. Minjung Lee, Hyungtae Kim and Joonki Paik, "Restoration of Curvilinear Distortion in Fisheye Lens Image Using Image-Based Estimation of Distortion Parameters,"  IEEE Access, submitted for publication, 2019. (DV, 국방)
  9. Youngran Jo, Jinbeum Jang, Minwoo Shin, and Joonki Paik, "Camera Orientation Estimation Using Motion-Based Vanishing Point Detection for Automatic Driving Assistance System," IEEE Trans. Intelligent Transportation Systems, submitted for publication, November 2018. (국방, DV)
  10. Youngran Jo, Jinbeum Jang, and Joonki Paik, "Camera Orientation Estimation Using Voting Approach on the Gaussian Sphere for Online Vehicle Camera," IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, revised the manuscript, December 2018.