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Submitted for Publication

  1. Younghoon Lim, Chulhyun Kim. Kim, and Joonki Paik, "Combined Editing and VFX Process Using Metadata for Efficient Post Production," SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal submitted for publication, 2011. (NRF, UHD)
  2. Younghoon Lim, Chulhyun Kim, Jaehyun Im, Jaehwan Jeon, and  Joonki Paik, "Optimum Image Codec and Digital Enhancement Techniques for VDSLR-Based Filmmaking (LA11-27, Lim)," SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal submitted for publication, 2011. (NRF, UHD) 
  3. Seonah Mok and Joonki Paik, "Digital Free Hugs," Leonardo, submitted for publication, 2012.
  4. Inhye Yoon, Seungwon Lee, Jinho Park, Gwang-gook Lee, and Joonki Paik, "Human Retrieval for Smart Video Surveillance Environment Using Scene Normalization,"Optik: International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, submitted for publication, July 2015. (DV, SoC, SKT)
  5. Youngran Jo, Jinbeum Jang and Joonki Paik, "Camera Orientation Estimation Using Voting Approach on the Gaussian Sphere for Online Vehicle Camera," IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, submitted for publication, December 2017.
  6. Sijung Kim, Jinbeum Jang, Jaeseung Lim Joonki Paik and Sangkeun Lee, "Disparity Selective Stereo Matching Using Correlation Confidence Measure," J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, submitted for publication, March 2018
  7. Minseo Kim, Soohwan Yu, Seonhee Park, Sangkeun Leeand Joonki Paik, "Image Dehazing and Enhancement Using Principal Component Analysis and Modified Haze Features," MDPI Applied Sciences, submitted for publication, March 2018. (국방, KARI)
  8. Youngran Jo, Jinbeum Jang and Joonki Paik, "Camera Orientation Estimation Using Motion-Based Vanishing Point Detection for Automatic Driving Assistance System," IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics, submitted for publication, April 2018.
  9. Joongchol Shin, Minseo Kim, Joonki Paik and Sangkeun Lee,"Haze Distribution Prior based Dehazing and Image Enhancement Using Guided L0 Smoothing," IEEE Trans. Image Processing, submitted for publication, Jan 2018.
  10. Shuxiang Song, Sangwoo Park, and Joonki Paik, "Segmentation-based color channel registration using cross-channel disparity estimation for dual color filtered aperture camera," Optics Letters, submitted, April 2018. (국방) 
  11. Minwoo Shin, Jinbeum Jang, and Joonki Paik, "Calibration of Surveillance Camera Using Pedestrian Homology-Based Rectangular Model," IEIE Trans. Smart Processing, Computingsubmitted, June 2018(국방, DV)
  12. Minjung Lee, Hyungtae Kim, and Joonki Paik, "Correction of Distorted Face Image by Estimating Feature-Based Distortion Coefficients," MDPI Applied Sciences, submitted for publication, June 2018 (국방, DV)