iPiPE Market Research

Our current 5-year grant from USDA NIFA ends in 2020. In February 2018, the iPiPE Advisory Board decided to conduct a market planning study to guide strategic planning for supporting the iPiPE after the termination of the grant. Board members sought proposals from public and private organization and settled on Beck Ag to conduct market research for the iPiPE. With input from Beck Ag, we settled on the following research objectives:

1. Define and understand current approaches, tools, systems, and partners that US Crop Growers use to gather pest information and make pest management decisions.

2. Outline the role that various influencers (crop protection suppliers, retailers, crop consultants, and extension specialists) have on growers’ pest management decisions.

3. Define level of awareness of iPiPE on the part of growers and key influencers.

4. Test current grower and influencer receptivity to contributing observations to and utilizing iPiPE.

5. Understand requirements for growers and influencers to more actively contribute observations to and utilize iPiPE.

6. Support the development of business and marketing strategies to maximize the adoption and use of iPiPE.

Beck Ag conducted telephone interviews with Extension professionals (25), crop consultants (22), ag retailers (27) and growers (119) asking them a series of questions related to our objectives. Descriptive statistics on these respondents and some of their responses to our questions are provided at the link below. The slide set focuses on responses related to objective 4 and 5.